!CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY- WAX WORX car cleaning products

We are giving away some products given to use by WaxWorx, they sell all kinds of cleaning products and brands,they are now producing their own brand of cleaning products which we are giving away as part of the competition which WaxWorx kindly supplied. Also a Thedownshiftchannel Logo sticker.

As mentioned Like, subscribe and comment for the chance to win, winner will be announced at random on camera.

Please check out the WaxWorx site!!




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From: thedownshiftchannel

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Pearl Waterless Car Care Product in Cleaning a White Bentley

Pearl “Professional” brand of waterless car wash product is the number one best selling item in the Pearl product line. The vibrant

neon green color and pleasant fragrance are great aspects of the product, but the way it cleans, polishes and protects is why it is the

number one waterless car wash product. The shine it creates is amazing. It is also very easy to use. Spray on, gently rub in and wipe

off. Super simple that virtually anyone can use it.Visit us:...

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From: Shalako shan

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Buy 2-Piece Car Cleaning Kit (12 Pieces) New in 2014

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Product Details

Brand: DDI


Please refer to the title for the exact description of the item.

All of the products showcased throughout are 100% Original Brand Names.

High quality items at low prices to our valued customers.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

CHECK OUT http://bit.ly/UeqHCY

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From: AutoSpot 3

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