How to Clean and Disinfect Carpets

This video demonstrates about cleaning and disinfecting carpets using Long Life carpet cleaning range. Please click on the following links for more product details:

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From: Pascoes DIY Channel- Your channel for all the challenging cleaning tasks

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Get paint off a driveway - Clean up a Paint Spill

How to get paint off a driveway, or clean up a paint spill.

One method that wont mark the driveway, unless its stencil crete in poor condition etc.

You can use a wire brush, sponge, or synthetic bristle scrubbing brush, but that takes longer, and the wire brush will mark the surace.

The best way for bare cement / bitumen is a high powered pressure cleaner, 2800psi or better.

The dry paint will blast straight off. Best to clean up the majority of it if its just been spilt, and use the...

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From: Wes T paintninjagc

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