Polymer Products Building Maintenance Products Division

The Building Maintenance Products (BMP) division was organized early 2004 for the purpose of supplying the growing demand of the institutional, industrial and commercial markets for high quality, cost effective, and environment-friendly cleaning chemicals and supplies.

To ensure quality, these products are manufactured in our plant located in the industrial row of Pasig City. The BMP line comprises emulsion acrylic styrene polymer, solvent waxes, new generation marble crystallization...

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Ultra low moisture carpet cleaning assembly & cleaning instructions for dry carpet cleaning systems

Assembly & Cleaning Instructions for Carpet Cleaner America's products. We are the leading international manufacturer of professional dry and ultra low moisture carpet cleaning systems, offering an unrivaled safe method for deep cleaning all types of carpets.

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Eco Pro Steamer

The Eco Pro steamer is a multipurpose steam cleaning system that is a natural and safe alternative to using harsh chemical cleaning products to sanitize and deodorize everywhere in your home. This powerful steamer provides professional steam pressure to 4 BAR and is ready in minutes. The accessory kit includes attachments that are useful for every household cleaning job. You can clean floors, counters, bathrooms, windows, walls, and the list goes on. The Eco Pro is environmentally safe using...

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Non toxic cleaning products, non toxic cleaners, wowgreen


If your looking for non toxic cleaning products or non toxic household cleaners. Look no further than wowgreen all wowgreen products are non toxic cleaners and 100% safe

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Fibermop® - Unique Microfiber Cleaning Products for Home

Fibermop® presents a revolutionary, green cleaning system of microfiber products for home. To learn more and/or buy Fibermop® products, please go to www.fibermop.com.

The system is designed to replace virtually all existing cleaning products at once. Microfiber pads have been proven to be more efficient than traditional ones and do not require any cleaning solutions or detergents. The system is not only green, it is also economical and leads to significant savings over time. All Fibermop®...

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Housekeeping Products & Cleaning Chemicals by R- Max Ultima, Gurgaon

Welcome to R- Max Ultima. Manufacturer and Exporter of Housekeeping Products and Cleaning Chemicals. The company was established in 2011 at Gurgaon. Our products are applicable in Hospital, Automobile and Food industries. Maximum client satisfaction, excellent quality and highly safe products make us the first choice of our clients. We offer a wide array of Herbal Cockroach Repellent and Liquid Dish Washes. Our Cleaning Products, Herbal Cockroach Repellent and Liquid Dish Washes are extremely...

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