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How to Steam Clean Hardwood Flooring - Home

Potential Problems With Steam Cleaning


Wood Seams: Even if the wood itself is perfectly sealed against moisture penetration, the seams between the planks can be vulnerable. You are able to seal the seams as well, however when the wood creaks, shifts, or contracts with use and weather, the seals integrity can get cracked, allowing moisture to then penetrate down and attack the floor from...

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Easy To Clean Low Maintenance Bedroom Flooring Ideas

However, this can be offset through the strategic use of rugs placed near the bed, and at the entrance. Ceramic flooring is also a good candidate for below surface radiant heating systems, which can create a toasty warm underfoot experience. This will also help to heat the rest of the bedroom in an energy efficient manner.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is very easy to keep clean....

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