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Vapor Clean | Home Use Steam Cleaners

Continuous fill and ready to run!  Our Pro6 Duo has stepped above and beyond the standards of design and performance up to 327° heat with this great vapor steam machine!

87 Psi / 6 Bar - 327°

Stainless Steel Insulated Boiler AISI 304 18/10 Tungsten (TIG) Welded boiler

7 -8 minute heat up

Made in Italy

Msrp $1395    Sale $1049



The design and accessories make the Vapor Clean Gaia the first home use vapor steam cleaner and "true-steam" upholstery and light carpet / spot cleaner in the USA. Utilize the high temperature of steam with 180° heated water to clean carpet and...

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Vapor Clean - Italian Steam Cleaners and Cleaning Products

The Vapor Clean line of steam cleaners is a careful selection of the best of the best designs from Italy, imported direct for your purchase. Learn why our Vapor Clean steam cleaners are the best choice for you and why we maintain our position as the Largest Importer and Retailer of Italian Steam Cleaners in the USA!

101 Uses for Steam


Explore our wide variety of Vapor Steam Cleaners starting...

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