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Is it safe to use cleaning products during pregnancy ...

Is it safe to use cleaning products during pregnancy?


BabyCenter editorial team

Our panel of health writers.

On the whole, yes, as long as you take precautions. We don't know that much about the safety of commonly-used cleaning products, so it is best to take extra care when cleaning during pregnancy.

There is some evidence that suggests that using chemical-based cleaning products regularly while pregnant can cause your baby to wheeze once she is born. This is because your body can absorb chemicals that affect your baby's developing lungs.

To clean safely during your pregnancy, make sure you have...

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Maid in Malaysia: finding and hiring a live-in helper ...

Beat your pregnancy stress!

10 easy ways to beat stress in pregnancy.

Once you've decided that a maid is the best person to care for your baby, finding and hiring the right one is crucial to the quality of care your baby will get, and also to the smooth running of your household once you are back at work. Our guide to finding a live-in helper can help.

How do I find and hire a foreign...

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