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Cleaning Services NYC, New York - Cleaning Company & Maid ...

Busy Bee Cleaning Service

Cleaning New York City isn't easy, but it's our passion. At Busy Bee Cleaning Service, we've been cleaning New York City offices, businesses, schools, hospitals, and homes for years. We're NYC cleaning experts and we take pride in that fact. If you've been shopping for New York cleaning services, consider Busy Bee for your New York cleaning needs. We are committed to...

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Apartment Cleaning Services; NYC Metro Area; Affordable Prices

In New York County, we serve the following areas:


Hourly Priced Cleaning

The prices above are approximations for apartment cleaning based on the number of bedrooms, if you desire a more accurate price we advice that you choose hourly priced services.


Rate for Apartment Cleaning:$30/ hour per cleaner with a 4 hour minimum.

Deep cleaning apartment services: Always hourly priced


Why Busy Bee is Perfect for Your Apartment Cleaning Needs

After a long day of work, why should you have to worry about cleaning? Cleaning an apartment can be time consuming if it has...

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Organic & Green Cleaning Services - Eco Friendly New York ...

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Busy Bee Organic Apartment Cleaning

Did you know that the "Go Green" movement could also be used towards cleaning your home? Making "green" changes in your home can decrease your carbon footprint. The Busy Bee Cleaning Service offers green cleaning, which uses eco-friendly organic cleaning products. Using these products will make your home a noncontributory agent to ozone layer...

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Bathroom Cleaning: Tile & Grout - Busy Bee Cleaning Service

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Busy Bee: Bathroom Cleaning - Tile & Grout

Keeping the tile and grout in a bathroom clean is a difficult job. Often, is seems as if large amounts of dirt, grime, and debris build up on almost a daily basis. While keeping the tile and grout in a home bathroom clean and neat is difficult enough, this problem becomes even more of a challenge when a commercial bathroom is...

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Office Cleaning Proposal | Commercial Cleaning Services ...

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What is a Cleaning Service Proposal?

A cleaning service proposal is a selection of information in which we spell out for you the breadth of our services, and our qualifications and credentials. Our cleaning service proposal includes a list of services we recommend, and a cleaning service price for your consideration. We are confident that with this neatly presented packet of...

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Price Quote - Busy Bee Cleaning Service

Busy Bee Cleaning Service customer representative will ask for the sq. feet of the space, and how often they want the cleaning service done per week. Then, using the information, Busy Bee Cleaning Service uses a formula to figure out the estimate. The estimate this formula creates is the monthly charge for the cleaning service. To get a free quote from one of the best cleaning companies NYC has to offer, call us at 212-921-2364 or fill out the form above.

Busy Bee Cleaning Service has a simple but detailed method for determining the price of an office cleaning. Our cleaning...

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Restaurant-Cleaning Services | NYC Cleaners | Busy Bee ...

By Janet Connors

Busy Bee prides itself on its ability to clean a variety of locations, from homes in residential NYC to large-scale businesses and schools. We are particularly proud of our restaurant-cleaning services. Restaurants are important places to keep sanitary because they are a primary location for food preparation and consumption. As a top restaurant-cleaning company in the city, we...

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New York Maid Service: Maid Service NYC Bathroom Cleaning ...

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Busy Bee: Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Cleaning the bathroom is often overlooked, but is highly important as it's one of the most frequented rooms of the house. Allotting a mere fifteen minutes each day should be enough time to keep the bathroom tidy and hygienic. If you want the job done right the first time, consider getting a maid service. NYC has plenty to choose from. Maid...

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New York Office Cleaning Service Checklist: Cleaning ...

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Busy Bee's Cleaning Service Checklist for Offices

It doesn't matter if an office employs half-a-dozen or several hundred people, each one needs some form of office cleaning service. New York City is the biggest in the country, and NYC companies have many choices. However, we at Busy Bee have confidence that our service is among the best. To ensure that we work to the best of our...

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Bathroom Cleaning Services | Restroom Cleaning | Busy Bee ...

By Janet Connors

With Busy Bee, we know that a clean, disinfected restroom is a great way to give your visitors a positive impression of your home or business. It is also the best way to keep your employees and visitors healthy and happy. Our bathroom-cleaning services can be customized to fit the needs of your business. We will work when it's convenient for you, whether that's before, during, or...

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