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Carpet Cleaners Pretoria.

Your Carpets New - Again!

Best Carpet Cleaners in Pretoria

Need your upholstery and carpets cleaned? Get rid of those annoying stains and spots! Call us now for affordable and dramatic results that will improve your home!


The best upholstery & carpet cleaner Pretoria has to offer!

Are you in need of friendly, professional upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaners in Pretoria for your home, office or business? Whether you need your treasured Persian rug cleaning or...

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Stain Removal Pretoria | Call Us - 12 004 1812 | My Site

We use a number of methods for different occasions, which you can view below:

Wet Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

Using a rotary machine with a shampoo brush which works deep into the fabric to dislodge and disperse dirt. The rotary jet extraction method will thoroughly clean and restore your carpet. This service is available for both residential and commercial properties.

Hot Water Extraction


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