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Carpet Cleaners Services | Up to 50% off | Breeze Carpet ...

We are recognised as one of the most highly respected professional carpet cleaning companies. Our experienced carpet cleaners have built an excellent reputation and are trusted for the high standards and effectiveness of our nine stage steam cleaning service.

Thoroughly Cleaned Carpets

All of our professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the most advanced machines available. These machines...

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Mattress Cleaning & Professional Steam Cleaning Services

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Mattress Cleaning

Steam cleaning your mattress is just as important as cleaning your carpets. Mattresses harbour all kinds of microscopic bugs, bacteria and dust mites so therefore should be cleaned at least once a year.

The main reason for steam cleaning your mattress is the health benefits. People who suffer from asthma, eczema and other allergies will benefit greatly. A clean...

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Rug Cleaning Services from Breeze Carpet Cleaners

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Rug Cleaning Services

Modern rugs are coloured and finished in many different ways using a variety of materials, dyes and processes in their assembly. Our cleaners are highly skilled in hot water extraction cleaning which is regarded as the most affective procedure for cleaning rugs. We are confident that we can...

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