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Carpet Cleaning Pricing And Production Rates - CMM Online

Carpet cleaned on a regular schedule

Numerous small rooms to clean (congestion level)

Pre-vacuum necessary

Rake cut pile when finished

Setup and put away time

Total score (divide by two to arrive at your final price per square foot).

Production Rates

Listed below are average production rates for various systems and processes.

Hot-water extraction (using a truckmount with wand): 600 to 1,400...

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Safety Concerns with School Cleaning Supplies | Cleaning ...

Safety Concerns with School Cleaning Supplies

Keeping the wrong products out of the classroom and getting the right products in

Larger Smaller


As school budgets tighten and worry increases over the spread of germs and disease among school-age children, it is becoming just as common to see cleaning products on the supply lists that go home with students each year as it is to see three-ring...

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Custodial/Janitorial Training | Cleaning & Maintenance ...

Custodial/Janitorial Training

What is CMI? Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) is a professional society focused on education, training and career advancement for professionals within the commercial cleaning industry.

Since 1964, CMI has been helping front-line custodians, supervisors, trainers and facility managers enhance their abilities for career advancement.

CMI has a number of professional...

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