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Detailing your car’s interior - Consumer Reports

A car is a huge investment that should be protected. Just as important as keeping your car's exterior clean, having a clean interior is an essential part of preventive maintenance. A dirty cabin not only looks and smells bad, it can also create or contribute to operational problems.

Dirty air vents can spread dust and other allergens about the cabin. Filmy windows and mirrors can obscure the...

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Best Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide - Consumer Reports

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Home Carpet Cleaning: Grubby to Great

Got dirty carpets? There's certainly no lack of cleaning options, including buying a carpet-cleaning machine, renting one, or hiring a pro. We tried them all. While nothing beat the ease and performance of a pro, some of the machines we tested came pretty...

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Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Consumer Reports

Buying Guide

Price & Shop

Consider your cleaning needs when choosing between a canister and an upright vacuum cleaner. Try it before you buy it to make sure you can maneuver the vacuum cleaner comfortably and that it is not too noisy. If you're looking for information about vacuum cleaners, Consumer Reports is your best resource. Consumer Reports' vacuum cleaner reviews will give you honest...

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Best Steam Mop Buying Guide - Consumer Reports

Boiler Alert--What to Know About Steam Mops

Killing Germs

The cartons of all but one steam mop promise to sanitize floors and other surfaces. Those claims may well be true, at least to some extent, because all the tested models produced steam that was hotter than 200° F. (With a typical home heating system's hot water set to 120° F, the hottest you can make an ordinary squeeze mop is about...

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Kenmore Progressive 31069 Vacuum Cleaner - Consumer Reports

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This Kenmore bagged upright includes a power brush, upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. It weighs 19 pounds and provides helpful features such as a brush on/off switch, suction control, manual carpet pile-height adjustment, and a telescopic wand.


Bag Bag Denotes whether the model has a disposable waste bag. A growing number of vacuums, particularly...

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Best Steam Iron Buying Guide - Consumer Reports

To remove residue clean the iron's soleplate--following the manufacturer's instructions--and especially if you use starch.

Minimize leaking

Leaking can occur when you press at lower temperatures. To prevent dribbles press delicate fabrics first and before you add water. After ironing items requiring steam, empty the water. This reduces drips the next time and the heat will evaporate remaining...

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