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How to Find a Good Cleaning Service | eHow



There are plenty of cleaning services available, but finding a good one can be challenging. The cleaning service that is least expensive may not be the best candidate for your home. Perhaps their work is sloppy or unorganized. Likewise, the most expensive cleaning services may not make your house look pristine. Their employees may be careless with your belongings or rude to your...

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How to Price a Cleaning Contract | eHow

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Numerous businesses employ cleaning firms to accomplish their cleaning services. The businesses may need daily, weekly or monthly service. The amount of work and time may vary as well, based on the size of the office or building. Contract cleaning services include day-to-day janitorial duties such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning restrooms and the...

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How to Write an Ad for House Cleaning | eHow

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To get ahead of the stiff competition in the house cleaning business, it is crucial to use every means possible to draw attention to your cleaning service. Posting an advertisement on the Internet or in local newspapers is an effective way to increase your visibility. In creating an ad for house cleaning, focus on conveying exactly how your...

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Tips on Cleaning an Oven | eHow

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Splatters of sauce from last night's lasagna, drippings from a roast and bits of cheese from a pizza combined with intense heat equals a baked-on mess in your oven. While countertops, sinks and dishes tend to get a regular scrubbing, the oven usually stays a bit dirty until the next oven-cleaning session occurs. But there is no reason the oven can't stay as...

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Domestic Helper Duties (with Pictures) | eHow



A domestic helper is an individual who is employed by another individual or family to perform a variety of tasks related to the running of a household. Duties are typically geared more toward cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping and other basic errands. Some domestic helpers may live with the family while others will commute to the home for designated work hours.

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How to Clean a green pool | eHow

How to Clean a green pool

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Has your pool water turned green? Are you sick and tired of paying a pool service to come out and clean your pool? Cleaning your own pool, even when it's completely green, is relatively easy to do on your own. Here are some tips to get you started.

Things You'll Need

Solar Salt (for salt water pool)

Chlorine (for chlorinated pool)


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Types of Cleaning Materials | eHow

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Removing stains, soils, and bacteria is an important factor of maintaining a healthy and safe home. Cleaning, although rarely an enjoyable task, is an essential part of this process. Different appliances, stains and materials usually require specific types of cleaning products to get the best possible order or cleanliness. Understanding the...

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Office Cleaner Job Description | eHow



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An office cleaner dusts, mops and takes out the trash, making sure a building is well-kept. Office cleaners have important duties, as they are responsible for helping to create a pleasant environment for workers and customers. They work in every type of...

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How to Use a Shark Steam Mop | eHow

Shark steam mops use hot water to clean and sanitize many types of floor surfaces, including laminate, stone, tile and linoleum. Learn how to clean your steam mop so it will be more effective.


Test the Shark steam mop on a small part of the floor before using it on the entire room.

Shark steam mops require some assembly before the first use.

Connect the handle to the water tank portion of the...

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