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Gemcare - Hygiene Services - Contract Cleaning Services

A leading provider of hygiene & contract cleaning services

About Us

Our excellent service record has presented us with the opportunity for expansion, and as such, Gem-Care is now proud to offer a broad spectrum of hygiene services, which include contract or once-off cleaning, deep-cleaning, window and carpet cleaning.

The hygiene division services include Air Fresheners, Sanitary Bins and all other dispensers found in public toilets such as toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, hot air hand dryers and various towel dispensers - linen towels, auto-cut and folded paper towels, as...

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Deep Cleaning Services | Gemcare

Deep Cleaning is a complete, intensive, heavy duty cleaning process using specialized chemicals to remove the build-up of scale and bacteria which causes unpleasant odours in urinals, toilets, basins, showers and kitchens.

Bacteria in kitchens and bathrooms are a severe health risk and can influence your business negatively. We use the latest technology in bacteriacides and disinfectants to ensure your kitchens and bathrooms are kept in pristine condition. It is important to do deep cleaning on a regular basis in public bathrooms and change rooms and restaurant or club...

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