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HAAN Australia l SI-A70 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop Cleaner


What can be steam cleaned? Steam cleaning your whole house!

If you think steam is just for hard floors, think again! HAAN SI-A70 Multi is truly a versatile cleaner.

HAAN gives you the best of both worlds with the Power and Finesse, a powerful, handheld steamer that's stylishly nestled into a perfectly calibrated steam mop.

Walls, Solid-sealed flooring, Cabinet and cupboard doors, Counter tops,...

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HAAN Australia l Steam Mop Reviews

I'm very happy with my new steam mop, my wood floors look amazing.

Wonderful time saving steam mop

Much easier and faster than mopping with a bucket. Doesnt take long to heat up and leaves the floor relatively dry.

The Haan steam mop does a great job

The Haan Steam mop makes cleaning floors easy and they dry quickly the assemble instructions...

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Best Reviewed Steam Mop Cleaner in Australia l HAAN Australia

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The HAAN Corporation is the industry leader in steam-cleaning technology. We are committed to providing continual development and innovation in its field. We developed Smart Steam Technology® , a process by which all products are designed and constructed to ensure the highest standards in engineering, quality, and customer service.

With sophisticated engineering, sleek design and intuitive features, our customers experience unparalleled quality and uncompromised...

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HAAN Australia l Multi-Purpose Steamers

HAAN Multi Purpose Steam Mops

HAAN multi purpose steamer ( SI-A70 ) heat up in excess of 100°C, the temperature needed to create sanitizing steam. Applying this steam mop to your messiest of surfaces works to clean and sanitize the area...

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