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How Much Does a Maid Cost? | 2017 Maid Service Prices


How Much Does Maid Service Cost?

The average maid service cost is $158, though homeowners could spend anywhere between $116 and $227 for their services. Typically, maid service charges are either by the hour or square footage. Per hour costs are between $25 and $35. Square footage charges depend on the size of your house. For example, an area less than 1,000 square feet averages $120...

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25 Best Carpet Cleaning Services - Orlando FL | HomeAdvisor

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Orlando Carpet Cleaning

In a place like Orlando, carpet cleaning is a necessity if you want your flooring to last as long as possible as well as look its best. Carpets that are deep cleaned regularly are more comfortable, better looking, and can even be healthier than carpets that...

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5 Best Construction Cleaning Services - Minneapolis MN ...

Recent Job Requests for Clean Up Job-site after Construction Contractors in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Project Location: Minneapolis, MN 55416

Date: 01/13/2017

Types of Construction Work: Remodel or addition (carpentry, drywall, cabinets, etc.)

Items to be Cleaned: Walls, ceiling, woodwork, Hardwood flooring, Light fixtures, Counters, cabinets, and shelving, Air ducts

Windows Cleaned Inside and Out:...

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