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Tipping Cleaners for Getting Carpets Steam or Chemical Cleaned

Should I tip the cleaners for steam cleaning my carpets?



Etiquette for thanking a steam carpet cleaner

Steam cleaning is something you get done only occasionally, and it can be hard work, and a more diligent effort can definitely lead to cleaner, brighter and fresher floors, rugs and carpeted staircases. The question is, should you tip them?

We contacted several cleaners, including the national...

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Date: 2007-12-10 15:26:49

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Tipping Window Cleaners

Should I tip the cleaners for washing the windows on my home or apartment ?



Proper etiquette for sparkling windows

We contacted several window cleaners and found that, relative to other kinds of house cleaning services, it is less common to tip window cleaners.

Especially if you have a one-story house,...

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Date: 2007-12-10 15:26:58

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