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Residential Carpet Cleaning | Oxi Fresh

Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Residential Carpet Cleaning

The dirt in your carpet likes where it is - it has gotten close to the carpet fibers and started to form a bond with them. Oils have worked their way into high traffic areas, spots have been sitting a long time, and they all have a stranglehold on your carpet.

Our residential carpet cleaning solutions are designed to break that hold. Our...

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Carpet Cleaning | Oxi Fresh

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Welcome to Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®

The power of oxygen is undeniable. Mother Nature has used oxygen to naturally purify the Earth for thousands of years. Now let the power of oxygen clean your carpets!

Oxi Fresh is a revolutionary carpet cleaning company that is committed to being green. Our carpet cleaning technology creates a powerful, oxygenated cleaning system that breaks down spots so that they can be effectively removed from the...

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Carpet Cleaning Quotes | Oxi Fresh

Carpet Cleaning Quote

Carpet Cleaning Quote

Need a  carpet cleaning  quote? No problem - just enter your zip code into the Franchise Finder below to get some coupons and the right number to call. Our customer service representatives will quickly create a carpet cleaning quote for you based on the exact number of rooms, staircases, hallways, or pieces of furniture you are looking to have cleaned. With Oxi Fresh, you can get a carpet cleaning quote quickly and accurately.

Of course, a fast carpet cleaning quote doesn't matter much if the  carpet cleaning services  aren't very good, but...

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Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner | Oxi Fresh

Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner

One thing that's always been extremely annoying about a lot of carpet cleaners is their dry time. After a steam cleaning, your carpets can be wet for 12-36 hours - and sometimes longer. Thankfully, you don't have to deal with that with Oxi Fresh. Our low moisture system provides you with fast drying carpet cleaning - in fact, you'll be back on your carpets in about one hour.

You have to admit that our fast dry carpet cleaning service is better than walking around your house with wet socks for two days. With Oxi...

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Carpet Cleaning Tips | Oxi Fresh

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you're looking for some carpet stain cleaning tips from Oxi Fresh, or just tips for carpet cleaning in general, this is a great place to start. These professional carpet cleaning tips will help you maintain the quality and appearance of your carpet, hopefully preventing unnecessary staining and wear.

Vacuum on a regular basis to prevent everyday dirt from setting into your carpet.

Consider using area rugs in high traffic areas....

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Carpet Stain Removal | Oxi Fresh

Carpet Stain Removal

In order to remove carpet stains, people have gone to extremes. They've used strange tricks, odd cleaning agents, and numerous dyes, but what they fail to realize is that they don't have to do all of this. Why? Because Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is here to help. When it comes to carpet stain removal, we are, quite simply,...

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Carpet Cleaning Testimonials | Oxi Fresh


Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

Oxi Fresh takes pride in delivering the best cleaning experience to our customers. We try exceptionally hard to surpass our competitors in every aspect of our  carpet...

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