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House Cleaning Prices | Average Cost to Hire a House ...


Building Types

Cleaning rates for single-family houses average $126 nationally, compared to $97 for apartments and $154 for businesses. Service options vary with building types, since the tasks performed at homes and businesses may not be relevant to one another. Cleaning contractors generally use pricing standards for general housekeeping tasks, though overall rates may vary with the number...

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Carpet Cleaning Cost | Pro Referral


Home, Apartment and Business

Homes, apartments, and businesses, each has their own unique requirements relating to how often the carpet should, or will be cleaned. Homeowners are more concerned with cleanliness than the bottom line, and take care to keep their carpets in top notch condition. Apartment managers are a little more apprehensive about spending the cash. A rental unit may go for...

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Window Cleaning Cost | Average Price to Clean Windows ...


Window Cleaning for Homes and Businesses

Most window cleaners provide both residential and commercial services, though the requirements for different types of buildings have an effect on pricing. The national average rate for cleaning windows in a single-family home is $145. Apartment and commercial buildings often feature different architectural and window styles than homes, which means...

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How Do I Find a Good House Cleaner? | Pro Referral

Home Improvement Writer: Kathy Hatter

When life crowds out the details that you need to take care of, it's time to hire out and pay someone to do the job instead. Housecleaning can be one of these tasks that you find you just don't have time to do. Instead of living in disorder and mess, hire a housecleaner to help you maintain order in your home and keep it tidy.


By hiring a good housecleaner...

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