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What are good names for a house cleaning business? - Quora

"Breathe Easy Home Cleaning"

"Neat and Sweet"

If I were you, I would try to draw up an image of being environmentally friendly in the customer's mind. Like "Eco-Clean" or something like that.

Because a cleaning service tends to be a local business, many people use their area name + the word "cleaning". Others use their actual name + "cleaning". Like "Peggy's Cleaning" and "Miami Residential...

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How much are 2BHK house cleaning service costs in Bangalore?

Written 56w ago

Hello there!

Cleaning the entire house can be a pain, especially one as big as a 2 BHK. It will cost around 2-5 thousand, if you are looking for a premium cleaning service. I would suggest trying out Home Triangle Services ( ). Not only do they provide an extensive service, catered to your own needs but you get to decide on which cleaning agency you want...

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Which is the better method to clean carpet; Hot water ...

Dry carpet cleaning with solvents and impregnated powders, adsorbents and fillaments generally costs more than wet extraction systems of cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning is described as dry cleaning although it's a damp wipe pick up cleaning system.

An experienced professional 9 time out of 10 chooses wet extraction as the best choice for a clients budget and the job in hand.

Nearly all DIY problems in wet extraction occur in the over wetting of the carpet.

When a new operator goes out with powders and solvent adsorption and or bonnets they...

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How to fix a Bissell carpet cleaner that won't spray water ...

Written 5d ago

You take it back to the store for reimbursement and call a professional carpet cleaner! I'm only half joking - sometimes, people are not doing themselves a favour by using these machines. You must control The amount of liquid being sprayed onto your carpet and adhere to the recommended detergent type and quantity or else you run the risk of having other problems with your carpets...

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