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Sofa & Carpet Cleaning - House keeping services in chennai

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Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

With kids or pets or even with the regular use you know your upholstered furniture is not looking too good. Dust, germs, food crumbs, stains and blemishes give your sofas and upholstery a dull, unclean look. But now, you need not live with this unwholesome look. Service Square will provide you with thorough upholstery cleaning extending the life of your furniture.

We will send our team supervisor for inspecting the sofa before undertaking the job. Or we may give our quote based on the photo of the sofa set. Once we...

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Spring Cleaning Services, Loft Cleaning Services, Modular ...

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Spring Cleaning Package or Deep House Cleaning

Service Square has its own uniformed and reliable staff to take care of your various type of housekeeping jobs including toilet cleaning services. What endears our team to customers is their reliability and professionalism. We have trained and experienced staff, so you need not supervise their jobs minutely.

What our Customers say about our Spring Cleaning Services

We take feedback from customers after every service provided by us. Here are a few samples.

Excellent and well equipped team. Well behaved staff and they did the job very well.

- Bharathi,...

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Floor Cleaning and Polishing Service - House keeping services

Floor Cleaning and Polishing Service

Call us today for Free Demo - for floors from 1000 sq ft onwards!

One of the first things people may notice when entering your home or a business premise is the floor. Well maintained floors give a vibrant, healthy sheen to your home. Apart from the pleasant appearance, the floors also become a lot cleaner in the process. We at Service Square can help you in...

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Toilet Cleaning services - House keeping services in chennai

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One Time Toilet Cleaning & AMC

Service that would bring a bright smile on the lips of every one - once the cleaning is done and over with! If you need some help, you can bank on Service Square to make your toilets happy, bright and spotless. This is the one place in your...

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House keeping services | House keeping services in chennai ...

We make it a point to ask for and take written feedback from our customers for our various services. The criticisms (these come rarely, though) help us improve. Most of the customers, however, are very generous with their words of appreciation. Here are a few of...

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