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Start A Cleaning Business

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Is a cleaning business for you?

What reasons are there to start a cleaning business? Well, you can start up without breaking the bank, and with a little planning your startup money will go far.

You can schedule your own hours and work close to home. You get paid often, and if you run an outstanding service, there is always available work.

As cleaning business owners, we are free to...

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Start An Office Cleaning Business - Start Clean Business

Offering an office cleaning service is one of the best, most reliable ways to start your own cleaning business. Everywhere you are, there are businesses too busy managing their daily routines to handle the cleaning. It's always in demand. Many businesses outsource their cleaning needs, and all businesses, from large to small, need regular cleaning.

But how do you find new clients for your office...

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Cleaning Business Plan

Cleaning Business Plan

Writing a cleaning business plan does more than help you define your objectives. A well-written plan can provide you with a structure to follow while you get your cleaning business off the ground. If you need investors, it is a tangible document that helps you explain your financial needs and goals. And if you don't need investors, it will help you clarify and organize...

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Should you offer apartment cleaning services?

Cleaning apartments for a living may sound like a clever idea, since they are compact and located in large clusters.

I have helped thousands of people start cleaning businesses.

Periodically someone has the notion to specialize in apartment cleaning only. The rationale behind their thinking goes as follows.

I can get a dozen or more clients in one building. That would be more efficient in both...

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Start a commercial cleaning business

If you want to start a commercial cleaning business , you've got to do a bit of schmoozing. Social media makes it easy. The commercial cleaning service is a competitive industry. Simply landing a single contract can shoot you into a higher tax bracket.

So where to begin? There are so many places to be. A bit of foresight, planning and systematizing can save you from getting overwhelmed. Apply...

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cleaning service name - Cleaning Business Names

Here are some pointers when picking a cleaning business name.

First impressions:

Your cleaning business name will be the first impression for your cleaning business. Whatever the name is, it must stick and be memorable.

Consider your website when picking the name. You will want to put your website on all of your marketing materials. Is the domain name available? This is an advantage when...

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Cleaning company slogan - Start Clean Business

Make it strong or do without

Your cleaning company slogan carries more significance than you might assume. Rather than tossing one together, it is best to go without unless you can come up with a really outstanding one. A weak one will not do your company any good. When you do create on a particularly strong slogan, simply add it on later. Having a slogan that does not impress people is...

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