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Steam Cleaners | Steam Australia

Steam Cleaner Experts: About Steam Australia

Welcome to Steam Australia, Australia's number one supplier of steam cleaners.

Steam Australia are the experts in steam cleaning. We've been bringing Europe's leading names in steam cleaners to the Australian market for over ten years and have built our reputation as the best place to buy a quality steam cleaner in Australia.

We have a huge range of...

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Domestic Steam Cleaners – Steam Australia

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How a steam cleaner works

Steam cleaners are controlled by a trigger system, and emit a stream of steam under pressure to loosen dirt and clear away grease and grime from any surface. They range in size, from lightweight handheld steam cleaners through dual vacuum and steam cleaners, to commercial machines suitable for large businesses.

Our steam cleaning machines come with a...

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Steam Cleaner Hire - Steam Australia | Steam Australia

Carpet cleaning quote

Steam Cleaner Hire

Looking to hire a steam cleaner? Steam Australia has got you covered. Hiring, as opposed to buying, is a great way to save money on one-off cleaning jobs. It also helps you decide which type of steam cleaner is right for you and your home/ business.

Here at Steam Australia, we offer steam cleaner hire, both for short-term and long-term services. You could hire any of our steam cleaners for one day, one week, one month or even one year!

Hire Rates...

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Steam Cleaner Reviews - Steam Australia | Steam Australia

Pegaso Junior

The Pegaso Junior is a commercial level steam cleaner boasting a huge 7.5 Bars of steam pressure, continuous refill, 20 Litre wet/dry vacuum and detergent injection all cased in a sturdy stainless steel machine. It has all the great features of the Pegaso, just with slightly less steam pressure and in a smaller sized machine.

Ideal for a wide range of commercial cleaning tasks, the...

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