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Vanish Powder Carpet Cleaner 650G - Groceries - Tesco ...

Less than 5%: Oxygen-Based Bleaching Agent, Anionic Surfactants, Perfume


Store the product only in the original container.

Preparation and Usage:

Shake - Open - Sprinkle - Brush - Vacuum - Reseal

Easy to Use

1. Preparation: Vacuum clean the carpet before use.

2. Before use, shake the bag thoroughly to maximise product coverage. Turn the bag around and pull to completely remove both...

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Handheld Steam Cleaners | Steamers | Tesco direct - Tesco

Handheld Steam Cleaners - Sold By: DOMU (1)

Handheld Steam Cleaners - Sold By: DOMU

When it comes to cleaning those hard to reach places in the...

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Vacuum Cleaners & Steam Cleaners | Household - Tesco

Refreshing surfaces is easy with our innovative collection of vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners at Tesco direct. Featuring popular...

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