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Coit Review, 2017 | Top Ten Reviews

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Coit is available in most states for carpet cleaning and related services like pet stain removal. Technicians can also apply CoitGard, which is formulated to repel future pet messes and other stains. The company also uses odor-absorbing substances to eliminate pet odors and other smells. Most new carpets come with a protective coating, but it wears off over time. This...

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The Best Commercial Cleaning Services of 2017

Why Use a Commercial Cleaning Service?

When selecting the best commercial cleaning services, we looked for companies that offer their services to all types of industries and will clean all types of buildings. For instance, commercial cleaning services should clean schools, offices, churches, stadiums and more. We also looked for cleaning companies that can tackle all kinds of cleaning projects...

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Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub Review 2016 | Carpet Cleaners



To evaluate carpet cleaners we studied how well each model removed stains and water from carpet. The SpinScrub excelled in these tests, earning a 100 percent score for stain removal and 88 percent for water extraction. The long fibers in the scrub heads work into thick and thin carpet to agitate soils and stains.

Its stain removing power and suction capabilities make the...

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The Best Canister Vacuums of 2017 | Top Ten Reviews

The Best Canister Vacuums of 2017

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Canister Vacuums Review: Twist and Turn Your Way to a Cleaner Home

A canister vacuum makes it easy to clean your entire house, including heavy carpet, hardwood floors, upholstery and drapes. Here's what you need to know about these vacuums' performance, mobility and...

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Black & Decker 10-n-1 Review, 2016 | Top Ten Reviews

38.73 Number of Passes


All of the units in our steam mop reviews were able to effectively clean floors and do it without chemicals, which is a great benefit when you consider the environment and those who are sensitive to chemicals. The best steam mops were able to do the cleaning more quickly and efficiently, though, and the Black & Decker 10-n-1 was definitely in that top tier for...

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iRobot Roomba 650 Review 2017 | Best Robot Vacuums

Category Average


Like other models of the best robot vacuum cleaners, this one has onboard scheduling, which allows you to preset the times you want your robot to clean. You can program it to clean up to seven times per week. It even works while you are away.

The first stage of the Roomba's cleaning system involves agitating embedded debris. The robotic vacuum is equipped with a side brush...

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Infinuvo CleanMate Review 2017 | Best Robot Vacuums

This vacuum cleaner is easy to use. You can select the days and times you want it to run using the scheduled cleaning feature. It even has a remote control for giving it commands. You can set the length of the clean time anywhere from 10 minutes to just over an hour.

Unfortunately, this robotic vacuum cleaner does not have virtual walls or boundary markers, which are standard features with the best robot vacuums. As a result, it basically goes anywhere it in your home unless you use physical barriers or shut doors. It does...

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