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Cleaning Services in Pretoria, Gauteng | Yellow Pages ...


Cleaning Services

Many people consider cleaning to be a chore and often avoid it causing it to build up. Rather than attempting to clean an almost impossible mess, consider hiring cleaning services for residential or domestic purposes - keep your home looking impeccably spotless - or commercial cleaning - for work...

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Chemical Manufacturers And Suppliers in Durban, Kwazulu ...

Chemical Manufacturers and Suppliers

Chemical companies manufacturer a number of different products used in the cleaning environment. The products range from mild soaps for household use to strong detergents used in industrial cleaning.


Many of the chemicals are specially formulated for specific needs. These compounds are generally patented after the manufacturer has spent years perfecting the formula. While most manufacturers stock a range of soaps, there are specific companies who stock disinfecting chemicals for toxic sites. Many of today's chemical manufacturers also supply the motor and...

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