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1838 2nd Avenue Suite 148

New York, NY 10128

657 Meeker Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11222

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Best Steam Mop: Top 5 Steam Mop Floor Cleaners

Which steam mop is the best steam mop for you?

The concept of using steam to clean and sanitize has been around for a long time. The technique has been revitalized around the world because of steam's ability to clean and sanitize without harsh, environmentally harmful chemicals. Steam with its 212 degree heat quickly breaks the bond between dirt and any surface allowing grime to be whisked...

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Date: 2017-01-14 07:35:09

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Cost of Window Cleaning - Estimates and Prices Paid

Most window cleaning services charge by the number of panes. Each pane is a piece of glass framed on all sides by wood or metal. Some companies charge by the total square footage of the home.

Typical costs:

Generally, window cleaning costs $2-$7 per pane. For a 1,300-square foot home with 20 panes, the cost would run $40-$140. For a 2,200-square foot home with 28 panes, the price would average $56-$196.

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What should be included:

Typically a professional window washer will remove and mark all screens, cleaning both sides of the screens before setting them aside. Both the inside and...

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Date: 2017-01-12 10:02:05

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The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist - The Abbey ...

It's not easy keeping an office spotless. Commercial spaces can quickly become cluttered and grubby thanks to high footfall and the demands of a busy business. If you're taking on the task of cleaning your office alone, or hiring a self-employed cleaner to keep your space spick and span, getting organised and sticking to a schedule can make all the difference.

This professional office cleaning...

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Date: 2017-01-12 15:32:14

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Carpet Cleaning Santa Rosa | COIT

Carpet Cleaning Santa Rosa


As the largest city in California's Wine Country, Santa Rosa is home to luscious grapes and delicious food. And when those wine spills make their way onto your carpet, COIT Carpet Cleaning Santa Rosa will be there to help. Offering specialized carpet cleaning using advanced technology, our team of trained technicians can remove dirt, stains, and food or...

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SelClene - National Domestic Cleaners

Whether regular cleaning is required or if just a once off is needed, we have the cleaning service you require.

Contact us to Arrange your Domestic Cleaning

With a range of cleaning services available, speak to us today about your cleaning needs and say hello to your new cleaner!

Contact us

SelClene is "your" nationwide domestic cleaning agency, providing local domestic cleaners to clean your...

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The most reliable service we have used in Dubai.All goes according to plan on every visit. -Thomas

it's good to find a cleaning service that does exactly what...

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Carpet Cleaning Business | Chem-Dry Franchise | Start a ...

What Is a Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise?

We've built the brand, products, support and training you need

Our patented products and extensive experience in the industry enable us to make people's homes and workplaces healthier; we clean more spaces than any other company. Our brand has the lead in market share in home carpet cleaning, and our distinguished franchise owners are dedicated to...

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Construction Cleaning | Australia Construction Cleaning ...


Construction Cleaning

After the electricians, plasterers and painters move out, it's time for the cleaning crew to move in so that you can deliver a first class project to your client. A finished facility can only be fully operational once they have meticulously cleaned every inch of the building. Choosing the best construction cleaning companies, who you can trust to perform safely and...

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