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Company Summary

Earthly Clean has been formed as an Illinois registered LLC. The company has been founded by Devon McGregor. The company exists to distribute environmentally friendly cleaning supplies through an efficient, networking distribution system.

2.1 Start-up Summary

Earthly Clean has incurred the following expenses for the start-up phases of the organization:

Storage space: This will be used for the storage of product inventory. While Earthly Clean could get away with a...

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Sample Business Plan: For Cleaning Business, Residential ...

The second page should be the table of contents with page numbers.

What Is Your Business?

Describe your business idea as short and comprehensive as possible. The reader of your business plan should think, "Wow, this idea sounds good, it can work."

You should state here whether you plan to clean only for private households or for companies as well.

Describe your marketing...

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Cleaning Service Sample Business Plan - Company Summary

Mother's House Cleaning Service (MHCS), soon to be located in Cleanly, WA, will offer residential home cleaning services. MHCS will offer a wide range of services to the residential client, from general room cleaning to child/pet disasters. We will be going after the upper end of the market, typically the affluent whose spouse does not have a full-time job but chooses to do other things with...

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Janitorial Services Business Plan Sample - Executive ...

Executive Summary


Clean Office Pros is a new cleaning service specializing in office cleaning and serving the Kansas City, Missouri area. The business will sell office cleaning and related services to businesses with office spaces of any size. To that end, Clean Office Pros seeks funding for equipment and initial operations of the business.

The Company

Established in 2009, the...

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Cleaning Proposal Template - Download Free Sample


About [Sender.Company]

PandaTip: This is a great opportunity to provide a succinct and clear introduction to your company. Remember to make it it clear and to the point with an interesting hook.

[Sender.Company] is a local cleaning service company that has helped people keep their homes and businesses clean for over [Years.In.Business] years. We are suited to clean residential or...

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A FREE Sample Cleaning Service Business Plan Template ...

A FREE Sample Cleaning Service Business Plan Template

CHAPTER 19-: This is the nineteenth chapter of "The Complete Guide to Starting a Commercial Cleaning Business."

Are you about starting a cleaning business ? If YES, here is a complete sample cleaning service business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE.

Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a...

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Cleaning Service Sample Business Plan - Market Analysis


Target Market Segment Strategy

MHCS is focusing on these people because they appreciate a professional, reliable, trustworthy, and immaculate house cleaning service, and are more than willing to pay for this. While Cleanly, WA has several different cleaning services, we are the only one that targets the affluent exclusively. The wealthy are consistent customers. Whether they have a...

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Cleaning Service Business Plan Sample - Strategy and ...

Mother's House Cleaning Service will be courting the high income families in Cleanly, WA. We will be attractive to these customers because of our commitment to professional, trustworthy service. We will achieve this high level of service through extensive training and a continuous learning process. MHCS will be qualifying leads over the phone with estimates and more importantly, with in-house...

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Sample Performance Improvement Plans to Give You Help in ...

Sample Performance Improvement Plans to Give You Help in Writing Your Own

Sample Performance Improvement Plans

To: Mr. David A. Burns

From: Mr. Paul S. Stevens

Performance Improvement Plan:

The retail sales figures have dropped for three straight months below the projected sales amounts by more than 20% each month. Even the historically high volume items of personal care products are down as...

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Sample Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Contract

By Robert Kravitz


This article was published on a former website 'Build A Business' by James Nokes.  I learned a lot from Mr. Nokes back when I was new to the Internet and looking for information for stating a cleaning business.

Years later after I had formed my own company to assist cleaning businesses I was honored to have an article featuring ...

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Logo For Car Company | Car Wash, Rental, Dealer & Club ...

Transport, Travel & holiday

Car Business Logo Design Samples:

If you own or are planning to start a car business and searching for some inspiration for car logo design, we invite you to get familiar with the showcase below. We have showcased some interesting samples of car logo designs to show you the current trends and movements in this particular sphere of graphical design.

From minimalistic ...

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Hiyaaa!! - Hiyaa Home Improvement | Internet's #1 Blog For ...

Are you searching for the best carpet cleaners Perth? There are hundreds of carpet cleaners in the area. So, how are you going to distinguish between the good and the bad services? Here are important tips to consider in this regard.

Carpets are essential flooring components in modern homes. The majority of homes in Perth use carpets as the preferred flooring material. That's due to the numerous...

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