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Our professional, eco-friendly hot-water extraction carpet cleaning services in will remove the dirt, pollen, moulds, odours and most stains that get driven deep into carpet over time.

Call 0800287923 to book a carpet clean or altenatively...

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<center>Cleaning Your Carpet (Without a Carpet Cleaner ...

(buy this at Home Depot or any home improvement store for around $10)

Brush with a Handle or Sponge Mop


Carpet Cleaning Foam

(Bissell is 1/2 the price of Resolve where I live but you can use any brand)

If you have pet stains you'll also need this:

Here is what the carpet looked like prior to cleaning. I removed most of the furniture. It's actually worse than the pic shows. It is...

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Date: 2017-01-14 11:09:33

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Ortiga | Taste of the Century

Treating Your Carpets with Care is Essential to Keep Them Clean

You might have been wondering, why the carpets at our homes are precious. Well there is one reason behind it and that is, we step on them every single day. We spill food on them and our children pick them up and eat them. This is the reason why you want to treat your carpets with special care and keep them clean . In Canberra, it is...

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Upholstery Steam Cleaning - Spring Cleaning Tips,House ...

Upholstery steam cleaning can be intimidating, but with these do it yourself tips, the task becomes much easier.  Make your furniture look like new!  There&#8217;s no need to hire an upholstery steam cleaning company when you can easily clean your upholstery yourself.

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Upholstery steam cleaning requires the following items:  upholstery shampoo, soil...

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