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A Two-Step Solution

With today's stain-resistant carpet, treating spots and stains has never been easier. Still, no carpet is completely stain proof. The key is to act quickly! So, to knock out spots, give them a one-two punch.

Step One: Absorb the Spill

Blot liquids with a dry, white absorbent cloth or plain white paper towels (no prints or colors). Using a printed or colored material...

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How To Use Baking Soda as Carpet Cleaner - The Best Way

A baking soda carpet cleaner can help to freshen and revitalize your carpets. More importantly, it is an inexpensive solution that will have no lasting impact on the environment and it will even help to get rid of odors and stains with ease. You can use it in carpet cleaning machines or just sprinkled on the floor to revitalize the carpet. Depending on the type of stain you have, you will also...

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Date: 2016-12-16 20:55:50

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Rug Doctor - Anyone hired one and how good are they ...

I need to clean cream carpets which have various stains eg tea, coffee, blood, tar. Sounds awful but I did treat the spills and stains immediately - some came out fine, it's the ones where I couldn't fully remove them. Also there's general 'high traffic' marks on stairs etc.

I'm planning to buy a carpet cleaner but in the meantime £29 for 48 hour hire for a rug doctor sounds a good idea. I have...

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Spring Cleaning 30 Day Guide - 30 Spring Cleaning Tip

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Day 1: Load up your dishwasher (not with dishes).

Don't overlook the convenience of this hardworking appliance. It can take on unusual things, like your glass light-fixture globes, plastic toys, toothbrush holders, and so much more . Just choose a gentle cycle and skip the heated dry.


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Day 2: Wash your windows when it's cloudy.

Wait for an overcast day and start on the shady...

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Date: 2017-01-13 22:56:18

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How to Get Fingernail Polish Out of Carpet, Clothes, and ...

By: The Maids Team oAugust 29, 2012 2:44 pmo Cleaning Tips, Tricks, and Tools o 22 comments

How to Get Fingernail Polish Out of Carpet, Clothes, and Fabric

To some, the thought of spilling fingernail polish is like a bad dream. In fact, when I paint my fingernails, I put down layers and layers of protection for that very reason. Because fingernail polish tends to be so brightly colored, the...

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Green Cleaning Tips For Your New Home | CableMover


Green cleaning tips for your new home

There's�a growing�interest in Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, including concocting your own eco-friendly cleaning products. Whether cleaning the house you're moving from or disinfecting�your new home, there are a number of�easy DIY cleaners.

If you prefer buying cleaning products to making your own, look for those that are nontoxic and...

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Professional Cleaning Products, Equipment, and Accessories

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Effortless commercial carpet cleaning. High volume extraction has never been easier. Meet the all-new CX-15 from HydroForce. Click here for more info.

Our modern truckmount service shop can house two or more vehicles and is equipped...

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Date: 2015-02-24 19:15:39

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Upholstery Steam Cleaning - Spring Cleaning Tips,House ...

Upholstery steam cleaning can be intimidating, but with these do it yourself tips, the task becomes much easier.  Make your furniture look like new!  There’s no need to hire an upholstery steam cleaning company when you can easily clean your upholstery yourself.

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Upholstery steam cleaning requires the following items:  upholstery shampoo, soil...

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Cleaning With Ammonia | ThriftyFun

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July 11, 2014 Flag

I am trying to get information on the occupational exposure limit to the usage of the ammonia agent in a hospital setting. I am concerned at the rate of sub-standard products used in my institution and in turn these affect our staff adversely. There is a 'pine gel solution used with unspecified level of ammonia in it. Most staff are complaining about its...

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How to Kill Mold | Home Remodeling - Ideas for Basements ...

aztec pillow

Amazing Uses for Vinegar

One of the best things about keeping vinegar in your home is that it's so cheap. Plus, it's edible -- no harsh toxins, no lingering chemical smell -- making it the perfect cleaning solution if you have children or pets.

Creative Uses for Beer

As it turns out, your favorite brew may have more uses than just cooling you off after a long day, like polishing...

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Date: 2017-01-14 02:18:15

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Tips for safer cleaning | Cesar's Way

Tips for safer cleaning

Tips for safer cleaning

By Wendy Wilson

We love our dogs, but they sure can make a mess! They track mud and dirt into the house, they topple their food and water bowls, they leave behind that distinct doggy odor, and they have accidents -- all of which require the right clean-up products.

Commercial over-the-counter cleaners, when used as directed on the label's...

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Date: 2017-01-14 09:40:21

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Tips for Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage ...

Tips for Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

Tips for cleaning your home after water damage

Water in unwanted places can cause a lot of damage. Not only can it ruin your prized possessions, but also the house in which they are stored. If you're able to act quickly, you can minimize the damage and possibly save some of your possessions. Some of your success depends on...

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Date: 2017-01-14 06:33:41

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House Cleaning - DIY to Maid Services - Angie's List ...

House Cleaning - DIY to Maid Services


Housecleaning services can be customized for your specific needs. Talk with your housecleaner about what type of cleaning schedule works best for you and your family.

How to do room-by-room home cleaning?

American families have less free time than ever to tend to house cleaning chores, but it becomes an overwhelming task if you don't keep up with it. Here...

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Date: 2017-01-13 11:22:04

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Spring Cleaning Tips - How to Deep Clean - House Beautiful

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Your Cabinets

Over time, build-up can collect on your kitchen cabinets -- especially if you don't run the exhaust hood over your range while you cook to keep grease from settling. To remove build-up use a " cabinet cream " to cut through the dirt and leave wood moisturized.


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Your Windows

Instead of just wiping down the inside, make sure you take to the outdoors during spring...

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Date: 2017-01-13 23:08:19

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20 Ways to Clean Your Home with Thieves Household Cleaner

All-purpose cleaning - 30 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner

Heaving degreasing -  15 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner

Light degreasing -  60 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner

Glass and windows - 50-100 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner


20 Ways to Clean with Thieves Household Cleaner

It REALLY does clean everything and the...

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Easy Cleaning Hacks | POPSUGAR Smart Living

Cleaning gets a bad rep, which is why we partnered with the maker of OxiClean White Revive Laundry Stain Remover to bring you this post that will help make sanitizing, washing, and deodorizing a little more enjoyable. Really!

We know you're busy, which makes keeping the house spotless a bit overwhelming. Instead of spending hours and hours scrubbing, here are smart cleaning hacks that will save...

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How To Clean Your Carpet Naturally - Choices Flooring

We are constantly looking for greener, cleaner ways to live life. From our diets and our clothing to our transportation choices and our cleaning, ecofriendly alternatives are more popular than ever. And if you have children or pets in the home, a chemical free cleaning remedy is even more of a priority. For those looking to clean their carpet naturally, the following are a few recipes and methods to get you started.

Ditch the chemicals

The first step is to find all of your old carpet cleaners and chuck them in the bin! If you want a clean, green household that is safe both for your...

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Green Cleaning | Maid Brigade

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

If harsh chemicals are removing dirt, grime, dust and germs from your home, what is removing the harsh chemicals?

Sufficient scientific evidence links chemicals in traditional house cleaning products to various health problems from the chronic to acute, and barely detectable to debilitating. Children, the elderly and pets are especially susceptible to the risks posed...

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Moving Checklist | Real Estate Tips | HGTV

When you make the decision to move, the clock starts clicking to your moving day.

But don't worry, we can help. This is a handy checklist of major accomplishments you should tackle before you move.

The tasks to accomplish further from moving day might seem trivial now, but staying on schedule will help you avoid last minute headaches. Time will be at a premium on the days right before your move,...

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Date: 2017-01-14 02:18:39

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