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Treating Your Carpets with Care is Essential to Keep Them Clean

You might have been wondering, why the carpets at our homes are precious. Well there is one reason behind it and that is, we step on them every single day. We spill food on them and our children pick them up and eat them. This is the reason why you want to treat your carpets with special care and keep them clean . In Canberra, it is...

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Carpet Cleaning Tips & Home Floor Cleaner Service Companies

Following the instructions for carpet cleaning tips is a good way to increase the lifespan of carpeting.  Like anything else that is regularly used in the home, some maintenance is required to help them look their best.  Carpet cleaning tips can be easily found in multiple places online, but here are a few basics that are relevant to anyone with this type of flooring.

Keeping floor coverings...

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Drying Tips | Carpet Cleaning San Diego, SoCal Steam Clean

Tags: bacteria , carpet , drying method , drying tips , enivornment , flood , health , health hazard , home cleaning , leak , moisture , water , water damage

If there's a flood or leak in your home you need to act quickly to try and repair or restore items that have been damaged by water. There will be things that are permanently damaged, but you should sift through what can be saved.

Your carpet is a big target for water leaks. Determine whether or not the water from the leak or flood is coming from sanitary water, which comes from pipes or rain, or if it's unsanitary water that comes...

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Granbury Tile Grout Cleaning | Granbury, TX

The Clearest Choice for Cleaning Services in the Granbury Area !

Granbury Tile Grout Cleaning located in Granbury is the clearest choice for tile and grout cleaning. We are locally owned and operated by Clear Choice Carpet Cleaning , and proud to serve Granbury and the surrounding area. Granbury Tile� Grout �is a Christian owned group, founded on Biblical principals.� We will...

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Date: 2014-05-05 13:20:26
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Professional Upholstery Cleaner | Upholstery Cleaning ...

International Locations

Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you have kids or pets, frequently host friends and family or simply are at home a lot, you know your upholstered furniture is getting a workout. Dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains and blemishes can't be avoided. In fact, in homes that have carpet, up to 80% of the dust and dirt brought into your home could end up in your upholstered...

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Date: 2017-01-14 09:16:01
Website: http://www.chemdry.com

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Carpet Cleaner Rentals - Steam Cleaner Rentals

There are plenty of do-it-yourself cleaning methods on the market and one of the most popular, and inexpensive, is to rent a carpet steam cleaner machine.

You can rent commercial-quality steam cleaners (really, wet extraction cleaners) that are more powerful than home units, but almost as easy to use.

Rental steam cleaners are availableat many stores (i.e., Depot, Lowe's, etc), grocery chains and rental centers. If you want to steam clean your carpets yourself, be careful to follow the directions with your machine, don't over wet or over soap the carpet as this can cause your carpets to attract dirt and other particles and become soiled more quickly. Be...

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Date: 2015-01-12 20:01:31
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Chem-Dry has been in business for over 30 years, since 1977, and is the largest carpet cleaning franchise in the world. For over 20 of those years, we have been listed as the top rated cleaning business by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as the #1 ranked franchise in Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 in the carpet cleaning category for 2013. We are a green certified company, meaning we strive to provide...

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Rent a Carpet and an Upholstery Cleaner | Hire-it

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner (including all attachments)

Machine Applications:

It is applied to carpet care, auto shops, auto dealers, office and cleaning company as well as home owners.

Stains, marks or general dirt fading the look of the carpet can reduce the appearance of a whole room, and carpets are well known for being unhygienic as they trap bacteria, mould spores and allergens. But carpets also provide an effective filter for these if they are regularly...

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How Much Does an Area Rug Cleaning Cost? | HowMuchIsIt.org

How much does it cost?

The price for cleaning an area rug�depends on the type of material the rug is made from, the cleaner, if pickup is involved and geographical area. �Most of the time, the cost of an area rug cleaning is going to range anywhere from $0.50 to about $1.50 per square foot if you drop the rug off at the company.� If you have to have them come to you, the costs can be...

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Upholstery Cleaning — The Steam Team — Austin, TX Carpet ...

Austin Texas Upholstery Cleaning

Methods to Match Your Needs

Different upholstery requires different cleaning techniques. Our technicians will recommend the appropriate cleaning method for your upholstery.

Testing To Match Your Cares

Safety and your desired results are our main concerns. Before the main job begins, we will test a small area of your upholstery to be absolutely sure that you will be happy with the results.

Pricing to Match Your Job

If upholstery is simple to clean and involves little risk, our prices will...

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Why Steam Cleaning Carpet Is A Leading Alternative?

Steam cleaning carpet is becoming a leading alternative to the traditional shampoo method. As indicated by the EPA, the typical person can be found inside of their home or office space at least 90 percent of their time. Therefore it is imperative that harmful pollutants are removed regularly. While there are numerous techniques to utilize when removing dirt and allergens, they don't always leave...

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House Cleaning Services in Bangalore - Professional House ...

House Cleaning Services in Bangalore

After a long day's work, you know how calming it is to walk in to a home that is clean, cozy, and smelling nice. You want your family to enjoy this wonderful feeling, but the multiple demands of your hectic life may make it impossible to spend enough time to keep the house clean.

Fortunately, you can always rely on CleanPro for all your cleaning needs.


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Date: 2016-10-08 14:12:20
Website: http://www.cleanpro.in

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Cleaning Services Melbourne & Eastern Suburbs Melbourne | RPS

Builders Cleaning

Builders cleaning in Melbourne is a key service of the company and our builders cleaning Melbourne division offers cleaning services for both industrial and domestic construction projects.

Are you looking for a post building clean to prepare the construction space for full use? Our builders cleaning Melbourne division offers the best quality cleaning services in and around...

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Carpet Cleaning Specialists Tauranga | Superior Steam & Dry

Call us today on 07 574 5676

Dedicated team

At Superior Steam & Dry, our expert carpet and upholstery cleaners are committed to providing the highest standards of service. We ensure your 100% customer satisfaction, because our team will:

Perform a thorough and professional cleaning service quickly and cost effectively

Respect your privacy when visiting your home or business

Get the job done with...

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Rugs & Carpets | Dilmaghani

2043 Route 22 North, Brewster, NY 845-279-5600

A message from Dennis Dilmaghani

"Thank you for visiting Dilmaghani.com , the local, national and world-wide online resource for all area rugs including Oriental rugs, antique rugs, oversize oriental rugs, custom rugs and carpets.

Dilmaghani is a premier manufacturer, importer and wholesale distributor of fine Oriental rugs and area rugs for over...

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Date: 2016-12-09 18:25:02
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Newtown Carpet Cleaners Newtown Masterclean

Newtown Carpet Cleaners Newtown Masterclean

"The Method That Removes The Most Dirt!"


  (215) 968-0644 Newtown, Pa.   (215) 493-7212 Yardley, Pa.     (609) 921-0677 Princeton, N.J.

 Bonded  -  Insured  -  Customer approved  -  Dupont Licensed  - B.B.B Rated A+


 for Over 35 years "Simply the Best Value on the Finest Cleaning Available!"   please scroll down...

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Date: 2016-09-28 12:56:18
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Cleaning Services in Durban North | Gumtree Classifieds ...

We do high pressure cleaning of roofs, pavings and palisade fencing. We offer a professional service at affordable prices. Give us a call Nathaniel :060 5037 442

12 Jan

Published in: Cleaning Services , Durban North

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CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING: DECEMBER SPECIAL now on .. we are open through out the festive season, book your...

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How Often You Should Clean Everything in Your Home | TipHero

Check out these 12 things around your home and how often you should be cleaning them, and use this season to get a jumpstart on a sparkling schedule!


Don't you want the space where you sleep to be as clean and serene as your best dreams? Regular cleaning will help cut down on the dust mites, sweat, debris, allergens and even - ew! - fungi that can build up from the constant contact with...

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Home and Condo Cleaning Services - cmdacleaning.com

RATE: Starts from Php75- 95/sqm

A completely clean home. Just the way you want it.

Cross a major chore off your to-do list by letting us take care of the house cleaning. Then savor the pleasure of knowing your whole home has been cleaned by a professional team you can trust.Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized.  CMDA home cleaning services  are available weekly, every...

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DuctPro Duct Cleaning in Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg ...


Breathe Pure Air!

If you are asking yourself, "Should I have my ducts cleaned?" Or if you have you ever wondered what's hiding in your duct work, you've come to the right place.

Duct Pro provides duct cleaning services for Toledo Ohio and surrounding area including, Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Rossford, Northwood, Swanton, Oak Harbor, Bowling Green, Findlay, Napoleon, Fremont and other...

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Website: http://goductpro.com

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Fabrics and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Dallas and Fort Worth

Home >> Upholstery Cleaning

Fabrics & Upholstery Cleaning in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Area

Dalworth's upholstery cleaning service can restore the beauty and vibrance of your favorite sofa or chair, extending the life your upholstered furniture. Dalworth Clean gets your upholstery deep down clean and fresh, bringing back...

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Website: http://www.dalworth.com

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House cleaning London – excellent services & London cleaners

Gardening services

Get yourself our expert house cleaning London!

Provident and responsible homeowners insist on flawless domestic hygiene. They know that neglected household chores mean only one thing - breeding ground of dangerous microbes, dust mites and allergens. Some people will try to justify themselves with the lack of time. It's not an excuse, because there are professional and...

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Planet Maids - NYC Apartment Cleaning Service & Maid Service

Pricing Book Now

What Customers Are Saying About Planet Maids:

"By far the best cleaning I have ever had. They truly understood what customers are looking for! I would highly recommend these cleaners, you simply just won't find any better team!"

? Mike King

"I've had Planet Maids clean my studio two times and each time the apartment is sparkling and spotless. I've been consistently impressed....

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Website: http://planetmaids.com

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One Familys Blog: Roomba 900, 800, 700, 600 & 500 Series ...

Roomba 900, 800, 700, 600 & 500 Series Comparison/Review (980, 960, 880, 870, 860, 790, 780, 770, 760, 650, 630, 620, 610, 595, 585, 580, 572, 570, 564, 562, 560, 555, 550/551, 535/540, 532, 530)

The robots were first introduced in 2002 and the latest models are the Roomba 860 introduced earlier this year for $499.99 and 7th generation Roomba 960 introduced in September for $699.99. The

top of...

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Date: 2017-01-14 11:09:12
Website: http://www.onefamilysblog.com

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Competent Cleaners

Take The Gamble Out of Choosing a Cleaning Company

Voted No.1 Cleaners by Ideal Home, 5 star rating by Good Housekeeping, 100 years experience

Competent Cleaners

Call Us: 0800 915 4280

Do your carpets need a refreshing clean? Are your curtains looking tired or grubby?  Has your upholstery suffered from staining and spills? Let Competent Cleaners give them a new lease of life! We specialise...

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Website: http://www.competentcleaners.com

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Carpet Sprouting, Sprouts, Carpet Tuft Loss and Holes

Consumer Related

New Installation

In the days following a wall to wall carpet installation loose tufts are often seen on the field of the carpet and around the perimeter of the installation. Usually these loose pieces of yarn are no more than trim drifting from the edge of the room.  When new carpet is installed tufts will come off the raw edge during trimming and tucking into the gully between...

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Website: http://carpetswalltowall.com

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Does Cleaning Grout with Baking Soda and Vinegar Really Work?

Today we ask a question that many homeowners have pondered as they look down at a tile floor with unsightly grout: Will baking soda and vinegar really get the grout clean? Kate here, and I personally tried out this DIY cleaning technique in an attempt to avoid an expensive tile cleaning bill in the middle of the holidays. Did it work? In short, yes! And the process of cleaning grout with baking...

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Date: 2017-01-13 11:47:50
Website: http://www.decoist.com

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cleaners, cleaning in Calgary - Kijiji

CANADA CARPET CLEANING SERVICING IN CALGARY AND SORROUNDING AREAS...Service That Works For You!!!! * TRUCK MOUNTED MACHINE CLEANCO 47 Thermo-Rinse[TM] for deep cleaning and fast drying, 4-5 hrs to dry....

< 12 minutes ago

Are you looking for someone to come and clean your home once a week or even bi-weekly and have it left looking spotless afterwards? If so, then I'm the gal for the job, as I'm...

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Website: http://www.kijiji.ca

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SqueakyClean Nigeria | Professional Cleaning Services

SqueakyClean Nigeria

SqueakyClean Services Limited is one of the leading professional cleaning and maintenance company in Nigeria, offering cleaning services in various forms.

SqueakyClean Services Limited provides a range of services including...

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Website: http://www.squeakycleannigeria.com

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Fantastic Cleaners London | The Cleaning Services You Know

View All Services

Five Star Quality

Every time you book a service with us, we'll send you qualified and experienced cleaning professionals. With high-tech cleaning equipment we're a cut above the rest.

Reasonable Pricing

We offer excellent packages and affordable rates that meet our customers' needs. We don't believe in hidden charges!

Real-time Customer Support

Got a question? Don't keep it to...

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Website: https://fantasticcleaners.com

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Does steam cleaning carpets kill fleas? | Yahoo Answers

Does steam cleaning carpets kill fleas?

our dog has fleas and we want to rid them from the carpet.


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Best Answer:  Yes, but don't forget to steam clean the dog too


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Your gonna have to treat your carpets and Furniture every seven days. You can use the steam clean method, or you can try seven dust. You can get it in the garden section at...

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How To Clean Your Carpet Naturally - Choices Flooring

We are constantly looking for greener, cleaner ways to live life. From our diets and our clothing to our transportation choices and our cleaning, ecofriendly alternatives are more popular than ever. And if you have children or pets in the home, a chemical free cleaning remedy is even more of a priority. For those looking to clean their carpet naturally, the following are a few recipes and methods to get you started.

Ditch the chemicals

The first step is to find all of your old carpet cleaners and chuck them in the bin! If you want a clean, green household that is safe both for your...

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Website: http://www.choicesflooring.com.au

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Commercial cleaning - Wikipedia

Cleaning techniques and equipment[ edit ]


Play media

A video on research on the health effects of exposure to cleaning chemicals

Commercial office cleaning companies use a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process. The scope of work may include all internal, general and routine cleaning - including floors, tiles, partition walls,...

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Date: 2016-12-31 12:02:08
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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Commercial Cleaning & Office Cleaners | Sheffield | Direct ...

Direct Cleaning Services

If you're looking for excellent commercial and domestic cleaners throughout Sheffield that are not only affordable but thorough and trustworthy too, then Direct Cleaning Services are here for you!

A clean working environment can boost levels of productivity, so it goes without saying that a regular cleaning regime is paramount. As well as regular cleans, we also offer one-off cleans whenever you need them,...

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Website: http://www.directcleaningservicesltd.co.uk

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commercial office cleaning business - Serv-U-Clean Ltd

Home » Blog » New Business

Be Your Own Boss !

Janitorial Service Business Opportunity

It is a quick start program that enables motivated individuals or families to quickly start earning from $1,000 to $3,000 per month part time and grow and operate their own office cleaning business with Serv-U-Clean near the area of their residence. Investment to start is as little as $3,100 to...

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Website: http://www.servuclean.com

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Glory Cleaning Service

If you do not know a lot about carpet and upholstery cleaning we encourage you to visit our Facts You Should Know -- Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Look at the HWE [Hot Water Extraction] page and see how this state-of-the-art cleaning method works.

See a revised and updated PAGE ON OUR "PRIMER" to help you clean spots in your home right after they occur (the most important time to clean). Full details about how to clean any spot is there or in even greater detail at...

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Date: 2016-09-01 22:52:23
Website: http://glorycarpetcleaning.com

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Eco-Friendly Tips - Household Tips at WomansDay.com


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Is it just me or is fall just as good a time -- or even better -- to commit to household cleaning as spring is? I mean, after all, fall is when you start to batten down the hatches and prepare for a bit of housebound hibernation, right? It's the season for preventative cleaning so that you don't spend all winter -- when you'd rather be curled up...

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Date: 2017-01-14 03:13:28
Website: http://www.womansday.com

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Von Schrader used carpet cleaning equipment for sale, dry ...



Phone # (______)________________________________



                       METHOD OF PURCHASE      (    ) Master Card        (   ) Visa        (    )...

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Date: 2016-11-10 16:05:40
Website: http://foamerscorner.com

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The Hoover Chooser

On Sale

Upright or Canister?

Upright vacuum cleaners are what most people use in the United States, while canister vacuums are actually more popular than upright vacuums in other countries. This is because many homes in the United States have carpeting, and upright vacuums do a great job on cleaning embedded dirt from carpets. They stand upright, but usually have a foot petal that allows the...

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Website: http://hoover.com

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Local Cleaners Fulham - Solutions at Reasonable Prices

Window Cleaning

Free Up Time With Cleaners in Fulham SW6

Don't spend your entire day dealing with the aftermath! The professional cleaners in Fulham SW6 will gladly come over to scrub your oven, extract the dirt from your rug, polish your windows, and dispose of all shattered glass in your living room. Now that you have lots of free time to spare, you could visit the iconic Fulham Palace and...

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Website: http://www.localcleanersfulham.co.uk

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The Best All-Natural Cleaning Products For Your Home | One ...

January 25, 2013


We buy a myriad of cleaning products to clean and disinfect our homes, believing we're creating a safer, more sanitary, and more comfortable living environment for ourselves and our families.

But did you know that some of the chemical ingredients commonly used in these household cleaning products have been linked to both short term issues like headaches and skin...

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Website: http://www.onegreenplanet.org

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House cleaning London - The Expert Home Cleaners in London

Welcome to House Cleaning London! We have specialised in providing efficient domestic and commercial cleaning. Thanks to innovative technology, eco-friendly methods and modern equipment, dirtiness and clutter are eliminated in no time. We are proud of our team of trained and highly motivated cleaners. They are ready to face every cleaning challenge as they are hardworking and committed!


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Website: https://www.housecleaninglondon.co.uk

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Window Cleaning Prices - HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

Window Cleaning Prices in Sydney

Sydney Window Cleaning provides free quotes for Pressure Cleaning , Gutter Cleaning and of course Window Cleaning for both Commercial, Residential and Strata customers. For pricing please call us. Oftentimes we are able to give you a ball park figure or a price range over the phone. If you provide an address, sometimes we are able to look it up using Google Maps...

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Website: http://www.sydney-window-cleaning.com.au

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Curtains Steam Cleaning - CleanHomes - The cleaning ...

professional floors machine polishing

wooden timber floors grinding / varnishing.

Do provide us with your list of services required when you submit the quote to us

Spring Cleaning

Spruce up your premises for that special occasion with a one-off spring cleaning or set up a regular spring cleaning program with contract discounts. We shall leave behind a pleasant lingering aroma to wow your...

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Website: http://www.cleanhomes.com.sg

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Home - UK Domestic Cleaning

UK Domestic Cleaning opening across the UK, on a regular basis, so it is likely there will be a branch near you.

Our cleaners earn in the upper quartile for the industry. We don't believe that allowing cleaners to earn the national minimum wage encourages loyalty or quality.  Our cleaners receive higher than average income so we can be select from the best not the rest.

Are you moving out,...

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Website: http://www.ukdomesticcleaning.co.uk

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How To Remove Milk Stains-Stain Removal - House Cleaning ...

Tips On Removing Milk Stains

Don't waste time crying over spilled milk!

Get to work quickly to blot up the excess and try to prevent it from being absorbed into the fabric and resulting in a stain.

How To Remove Milk Stains

If milk, milkshakes or ice cream is spilled on the carpet or furniture, grab some paper towels or very absorbent soft cotton rag. Blot up any that is still on the surface, and...

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Date: 2017-01-14 09:41:07
Website: http://www.housecleaningcentral.com

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Curtain Cleaning - National Carpet Cleaners Association

Home > Curtains

Curtain Cleaning

Two thirds of NCCA members provide a curtain cleaning service. Many offer the choice of on-site cleaning or a plant cleaning service.

The growing variety of unusual fabrics makes it important that your curtains are cleaned by someone who knows fabrics and understands how curtains are constructed.

Cleaners specialising in plant cleaning will first provide you with...

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Website: http://www.ncca.co.uk

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How Does A Professional Carpet Cleaner Clean A Mattress?

How Does A Professional Carpet Cleaner Clean A Mattress?

The professional approach to cleaning a mattress is composed of 7 steps that ensure a proper, thorough cleaning. These steps are: pre-inspection, vacuum, pre-spray, agitation, dwell time, rinsing, and drying.

1. Pre-inspection

The pre-inspection step is the first crucial step in mattress cleaning. Your mattress cleaning technician will...

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Website: http://getcarpetsmart.com

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Furniture Cleaning | Upholstery Cleaning | Sofa | Couch ...



Congratulations for making the decision to have your furniture and upholstery professionally cleaned. Trust us to take care of it for you. Upholstery cleaning is a skilled trade that is only truly learn't through experience as there are many styles and fabric types used.

I've been running this business for 20 years and Gray has been with me for 15...

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Date: 2017-01-14 10:38:37
Website: http://www.carpet-cleaning.co.nz

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Triple S Carpet, Rug, Drapery and Upholstery Cleaners ...

Triple S Carpet, Rug, Drapery &

Upholstery Cleaners...

is a family owned business founded in 1963. For over 50 years Triple S has provided the finest professional services, earning our company and its people a reputation for honesty, integrity and dependability unmatched in our area.

Now that includes:

The Triple S grout, tile and stone cleaning & sealing system.


All carpets, Oriental Rugs, Area...

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Website: http://triplesclean.com

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