City Carpet Services - Oriental Rug Cleaning in Saskatoon, SK


Area Rug Cleaning, Binding, Serging

City Carpet Services has been serving Saskatoon,Sk. since 1914. With over 100 years in business,we specialize in area rug cleaning,carpet binding and serging.

We clean all types of area...

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Ultimate Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaner Saskatoon

The Truck

Meet the king of truck mounts

A CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) gold level certified deep cleaning system like no other. Dubbed the monster truck of the cleaning world, the Aerotech XT is hands down the best cleaning system in the world today. With its 175hp diesel engine powering its vacuum system, and being capable of superheating water to 300 degrees, the Aerotech XT is the most...

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Bridge City Chem Dry - Carpet & Rug Cleaners - Saskatoon ...

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Business Details

Bridge City ChemDry速 has been serving the Saskatoon area since 1990 and is independently owned and operated under a ChemDry速 license. Rather than using high volumes of water and detergents like most carpet cleaners, our certified technicians use the patented ChemDry速 technology, which...

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