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Stainless Steel tank and outer casing

1 incoloy heating element

Blow down valve - for easy boiler cleaning

Quick release fittings

15-20 minute heat up time

Up to 6 hours of continuous steam vapor

Rated for unlimited hours of use per day

Additional information:

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i600B i37 Steam Gun

The i600B Steam Cleaner...

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Date: 2017-01-10 02:41:05

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Steam Cleaner

Brake dust remover/tire cleaner(green earth technologies)

Vapor chief or other high pressured steam cleaner

Step 1: Do an inspection of all the tires and remove any loose debris such as rocks or gravel. While inspecting for loose debris, check to make sure the tire pressure is sufficient in each tire.

Step 2: Turn the pressure to the highest setting on the steam/vapor cleaner and spray wheels and...

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