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House Cleaning Tips

When using Houseproud to professionally clean your home, there a few handy tips to assist your cleaner in achieving peak efficiency and productivity around your property. By doing a few pre-clean...

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Date: 2016-05-10 05:14:05

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House Cleaning - DIY to Maid Services - Angie's List ...

House Cleaning - DIY to Maid Services


Housecleaning services can be customized for your specific needs. Talk with your housecleaner about what type of cleaning schedule works best for you and your family.

How to do room-by-room home cleaning?

American families have less free time than ever to tend to house cleaning chores, but it becomes an overwhelming task if you don't keep up with it. Here...

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Date: 2017-01-13 11:22:04

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Green Cleaning Tips For Your New Home | CableMover


Green cleaning tips for your new home

There's�a growing�interest in Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, including concocting your own eco-friendly cleaning products. Whether cleaning the house you're moving from or disinfecting�your new home, there are a number of�easy DIY cleaners.

If you prefer buying cleaning products to making your own, look for those that are nontoxic and...

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Domestic Fantastic business card for those involved with a cleaning or maid service, window cleaning and house and business maintenance industry. This is classic design that offers many uses. Background and text colors can be modified. Font Style is also customizable. Personalize this card to suit your...

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Date: 2017-01-05 08:45:51

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How to remove black roof shingle stains? - Cleaner2day ...

2.2Do It Yourself Roof Stain Removal

Spread across your shingles are black streaks that seem to be crawling down the roof. Black mold stains on roof shingles have become common on houses in every price range and neighborhood. What causes roof shingles to streak?

What can I do to get rid of roof stains? Is Power washing roof shingles smart or is the pressure from the wash going to damage the...

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How To Make Soap - A Natural Soap for DIY Cleaning Recipes

stick blender, optional but recommended ( find it here )


You will need

6 ounces cold water - use distilled, reverse osmosis, or rain water (lye will react with minerals in tap water)

16 ounces coconut oil (we buy this in bulk here for soap making and other projects)

2.9 ounces lye - also called 100% sodium hydroxide ( find it here or at local hardware stores)


Have everything...

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Clean My Space - YouTube

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Pre-Order The Book:

Maker's Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:

Pre-Order The Book:

PRE-ORDER THE BOOK HERE: - you can order it worldwide ! Published by Penguin Random House/Avery.

You guys! I've been holding this secret back since October 2015 and FINALLY I get to tell you! The whole...

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Cost of Upholstery Cleaning - Estimates and Prices Paid



Upholstery, the fabric coverings on couches or chairs, need to be cleaned regularly as a result of normal wear and tear. Upholstery is also used in covering seats in automobiles.

Typical costs:

The cost of cleaning furniture upholstery varies, depending on the size of the piece being cleaned. To have a dining room chair professionally cleaned, for example, it typically costs $10-$120....

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Date: 2017-01-12 09:58:40

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How to Make Homemade All-Purpose Surface Cleaner - Live Simply

2 November, 2015

How to Make Homemade All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

Monday is usually a food day around Live Simply. Over the past few months we've talked about shopping for real food  and  various ways to prep real food for the week ahead . We will return to our traditional Monday food talks in a few weeks. Over the next three weeks, may we branch away from real food and talk about natural...

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5 DIY Homemade Cleaners! | Clean My Space

You likely have all these items in your house as it stands; so this should be relatively simple to put together.

Remember, it is wise to use these as a compliment to products you buy in-store. Store bought products and homemade products both serve a purpose. I use about 50% store bought and 50% homemade cleaners in my house.  If you want to print off these recipes and keep them handy, check out...

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Benefits of Steam Cleaning 101 - HaanUSA: Steam Cleaners

Benefits of Steam Cleaning 101


Insights into the innovative technologies making our steam cleaners unique.

Learn some basics about using steam to clean. Fundamentals are the key!

When you clean with steam, the possibilities are endless!

Why Steam?  o How It Works  o Benefits of Steam  o What Can Be Cleaned?  o Will It Damage My Floors? CHEMICAL FREE SECTIONChemical FREE  o No...

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8 Green Cleaning Recipes That Really Work

Basic Laundry Powder


Many laundry detergents are loaded with questionable foaming agents and even migraine-inducing fragrance chemicals. Who would want to pay for a headache? Instead, save money and your health by making this laundry powder designed for warm-water loads.

½ cup soap flakes or grated plain bar soap

½ cup borax

½ cup washing soda

Combine ingredients well and store in a jar with an...

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Date: 2017-01-14 03:05:49

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Come Clean! | Seattle Eco-Friendly Green House Cleaning

Kitchen - 45-60mins


We can always find more to clean and we'll clean for at least the amount of time that we have agreed upon. If we go over a little, it's on us. If we go over time by 30 mins or more on a consistent basis we will let you know and you can decide if you would like to add more time or rethink what we are focusing on.


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27 Homemade Cleaners and Natural Cleaning Recipes – Tip Junkie


How to make homemade cleaner and homemade remedies for natural cleaning at home.  These  home made cleaner and cleaning recipes include  homemade laundry detergent ,  floor cleaner ,  glass cleaner , fabric softener ,  carpet cleaning ,   jewelry cleaner , and even a homemade drain cleaner. You�?ll be able to make your own natural household cleaners to clean everything in the...

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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost? -

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Last Updated

Carpet | Renovation Costs

While carpet is a long-lasting flooring choice, it needs regular cleaning to maintain its character.

The question is - how much should you pay for carpet cleaning? And is price an indicator of a quality clean?

This article has tips on what to ask before you hire a carpet cleaning service...

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Date: 2017-01-14 10:36:10

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Carpet Cleaning Company London Cleaning Services


Call Us for Your Cleaning Needs

The Carpet is a reputable and professional cleaning company that, thanks to our customers, has earned itself the reputation of offering the best services around. It is also thanks to our customers that our company has continued to grow and develop. Most of our new clients have been led to our company through recommendations. So we have our clients to thank for...

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