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MARBLELIFE® Stone & Tile Restoration - Marble Floor Polishing - Granite Cleaning

MARBLELIFE® was launched more than 25 years ago to provide marble restoration services. Today, MARBLELIFE provides marble restoration, granite restoration, terrazzo restoration, limestone restoration, travertine restoration & tile and grout restoration services throughout North America and around...

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Steam Cleaners, Steam Mops and Swiffer Cleaners | The ...

We have all seen the commercials on TV showing Steam Cleaners or Steam Mops being used on Hardwood, Laminate, and Vinyl floors. Consumers have bought into these TV ads and are only setting themselves up for a major disappointment should their flooring fail or they have a maintenance issue. I have been in flooring stores and heard consumers say that the Steam Cleaner manufacturer says they can be...

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Adore Your Wood Floors With These Eco-Friendly Cleaners

By Karen Peltier

Updated October 24, 2016.

Got scuffs, marks, or dull-looking wooden floors? Or maybe you're just looking for a good eco-friendly product to safely clean your hardwood floors? Well, look no further and don't be so hard on yourself! There are many green ways to clean your floors and regain their original luster and warmth.

You can easily mix up your own cleaning solutions with...

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