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Floor Cleaning Machines

Cord Electric & Battery Powered Automatic Floor Scrubbers, Floor Polishers, & Floor Buffers. Sizes ranging from 13-34" with disc brush and cylindrical brush versions. We have a wide variety of floor care equipment that is suitable for use by both professionals and residential home owners.


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Massachusetts Carpet Cleaning- All Natural, Chemical Free ...





   AT LAST Great Carpet Cleaning Without All The Chemicals and Water

Drysdale's is decidedly not your run of the mill "splash and dash" ...

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Date: 2017-01-09 19:23:27
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2015 Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews - Top Rated Carpet Cleaners

4.2 of 5 Star Rating


The Hoover-Extract-WidePath-Cleaner-F7412900 is a 12 amp carpet cleaner that is built to deep clean carpets. The rotating brushes clean and groom carpets. The six brushes provide 360 degree cleaning of carpet fibers. Spin scrub technology provides patented counter rotation for maximum cleaning power. The...

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Multi-purpose Steam Cleaners - Information,Reviews and ...


As a rule of thumb, it would be best if you can buy a steamer with higher wattage.A steamer with higher wattage can produce hotter steam so you can clean and sanitize almost everything in your house. So a 1,300-watt steamer could outperform an 800-watt steamer in terms of heat intensity. The downside, of course, is that a steamer with higher wattage will also cost you more...

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Steam Cleaners, Steam Mops and Swiffer Cleaners | The ...

We have all seen the commercials on TV showing Steam Cleaners or Steam Mops being used on Hardwood, Laminate, and Vinyl floors. Consumers have bought into these TV ads and are only setting themselves up for a major disappointment should their flooring fail or they have a maintenance issue. I have been in flooring stores and heard consumers say that the Steam Cleaner manufacturer says they can be...

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Steam Cleaning Pretoria | Stain Removal | Call 012 004 1827



In additional to this, we also offer the following specialist services. For more details, contact us using the form to your right or call us on 012 004 1827


 Stain Removal

We can effectively remove any stain from any fabric or hard floor surface. Using the latest in safe chemicals, our process is easy and cost effective. Stain, spots and annoying marks dissapear in minutes when using...

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WAXIE Home Page | WAXIE Sanitary Supply

WAXIE Sanitary Supply has 20 Inventory Centers strategically situated in nine Western states. Each Inventory Center carries a full supply of sanitary products, janitor supplies and equipment to quickly and efficiently meet your sanitary maintenance needs. Each modern, clean Inventory Center also has a showroom and Customer Service Center to help you determine which sanitary or janitorial product is best for you and to provide ordering... Continued Here

Power of Mechanization

WAXIE has partnered with the cleaning industries leading equipment manufacturers, Advance, NSS and Windsor and offers a full line of...

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