Natural Green Cleaning Products: Sapadilla

These natural and chemical free cleaning products are made in Canada and work AMAZING! Coming in two popular scents (Rosemary Peppermint and Grapefruit Bergamot) Sapadilla natural eco cleaners offer an All Purpose Cleaner, CounterTop Cleaner and a DishSoap.

Safe for you and the environment, these cleaners work great and make your house smell fresh & clean! You can buy Sapadilla online at

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Buy Canadian First on CTV's Canada AM: Eco-friendly products made in Canada - April 2012

In celebration of Earth-Day, a selection of eco-friendly products made in Canada. Click on "Show More" below for the list of Canadian-made items featured:

1- Full line of natural skincare products using fresh goat's milk made in PEI by The Great Canadian Soap Company

2- Natural household & cleaning products made in Ontario by NatureClean

3- Environmentally-friendly garden products made in...

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Pet Clean 3 in one Green Cleaning Product Canada

PET GOE 100% Environmentally Friendly - Made in Canada.

Pet smells gone forever. A natural solution for a cleaner, safer environment for all pets. Ready to use PET GOE cleaning and odour elimination, is one of the most versatile products you'll ever find. Use it as a floor and surface wash, or use it as a spray. Within minutes of application, all pet urine and other odours will disappear.When used as a surface wash, PET GOE also keeps drains clear, eliminating the problems of build up grease,...

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Nature's Sunshine Products NSP - Funny Commercials. Clean House. 100% safe.

Nature's Sunshine wants to help you make your home safer and healthier for you and your family. It's time to upgrade to more natural NSP products wherever possible, and make your home a Sunshine Home!

You can buy this product directly from the company at a wholesale price.

Buy products and become a distributor of NSP





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Green Organic Environmental Products and Services Canada

Greening the World with Environmentally Safe Products and Services - "First, Do No Harm", our motto.

A leading local green, organic, environmentally friendly Product and Service company, located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

A dynamic development of specialized bio-tech solutions for cleaning and waste odour elimination. GOE uses natural ingredients to significantly reduce organic loads and odours in waste streams -- a biodegradable cleansing product, where naturally occurring bacteria,...

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