Why do Carpets get dirty? - Professional Carpet Cleaning in Ipswich

So what’s the truth about carpet cleaning? Does having them cleaned really make them get dirty quicker, make them feel horrible and smell?

The answer is yes, these are all common occurrences from having carpets cleaned normally by people labelling their services as ‘professional’ carpet cleaners or after making a DIY attempt.

So what happens to the carpets to make them go down hill?

Most carpets that have been cleaned are left with detergents in the fibre making dirt stick to the...

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From: UK Carpet Care Ltd

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Finesse Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Protectant

Keep your carpets looking better for longer with our carpet cleaning protectant. Not sure if you need you caprets protected take a look at our blog for some good honest advice http://www.finessechem-dry.co.uk/the-buzz/are-protectors-really-worth-it

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Replacement sports pitch synthetic carpet sand infill



Replacement sports pitch synthetic carpet sand infill is carried out during a rejuvenation, regeneration, restoration maintenance visit. Deep cleaning, revitalisation just clean the top of the sand infill but a rejuvenation takes out the contaminated sand and replaces it with new. Contamination causes poor drainage, Ponding...

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