Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas Demonstration - The Soil Extractors of Las Vegas

This is a showcase of The Soil Extractors in Las Vegas of how well they perform on some of the dirtiest carpets. This is one of the technicians hard at work restoring this neglected carpet.


This is a carpet cleaning job that was performed for a client in Henderson, Nevada. This work-area you see took a total of 20 minutes to complete but was time-lapsed down to 3 minutes for viewing sake.

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The Soil Extractors specializes in Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Grout...

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From: SoilExtractors

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Real Steemer Trailer

Real Steemers provides the ultimate carpet cleaning Las Vegas has to offer. We use equipment that is supreme in the industry for removing the dirt and stains that are an eye sore in your carpet. Our equipment and methods are proven to get your carpets cleaner than the competition and we guarantee it. Don't be embarrassed by having dirty carpet, grout, tile or upholstery.

We clean all textiles, Leathers, upholstery, concrete,mattresses,pet decontamination, odor neutralization and much much...

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From: Real Steemer

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Pre vacuum of a church before we clean the carpets

Just got home from the Experience Cleaning Convention in Las Vegas 2016. It's great to be home. Saiger's Sauce 1 was huge hit. Many great things. Today prevac and Steam Clean about 3600 square feet. Great day of cleaning and our Zipper Wands and Butler High Heat truckmounts make short order out of a job like this.

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From: Mark Saiger

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