Carpet Cleaning my living room

I love to clean my carpets! It leaves the carpet refreshed and soft! With two dogs the carpets get quite dirty and this machine does a great job at cleaning the carpet and leaving it only damp. The faster the carpet dries the better. Make sure to wash carpets on a nice, sunny day and have windows open to ensure good air flow. Thanks for watching!

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This machine retails at $ 159.92...

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From: Ashley Elizabeth

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Steam cleaning sculptured carpet with Mytee HP60

This is the Mytee HP60. It is a 4 gallon steam carpet cleaning machine with 3 stage vacuum motor, 100 psi demand pump, and 1200 watt, 4000 btu inline heater. Cleans hella better than the hoover toys sold at walmart! Purchased in 2010. Including sales tax, it can be had for around $1500. Well worth it! Shop around online. You may find a good deal. The original hoses are only 15ft. Youll want to buy 25' of 1.5 (NOT 1.25!) hose. is the place to go for the hoses. And the machine...

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From: Steven Collins

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Lots to talk about (5.4.14 - Day 170)

Thanks for watching!! Its a long one so maybe wait for nap time ;)

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Here is the shampooer we use. Its lasted us a good three years now! LOVE it!

The carpet solution we use in the machine

For spot treatments we use this stuff...

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From: Sasha beautyisnteverything

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