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This video is a comparison of our Steam Cleaning Method at Centric Cleaning. There are several types of cleaning methods, and we show a few of them in this video. Dry Cleaning & Do It Yourself Cleaning, using rental machines or the carpet cleaners that you can buy at the store.

We put Soda, Chocolate Syrup, Ranch, Ketchup & Syrup on this carpet to test what can be cleaned with these methods.

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From: Centric Carpet & Floor Cleaning

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Blueagle Carpet Cleaners Rapid Dry Bonnet Method

Low moisture, zero residue, quick drying carpet cleaning compared to steam cleaning.

A comparison between a Hot Water Method VS Rapid Dry Bonnet Method in Carpet Cleaning, A contest to see which is best... on the left side Hot water and on the right side is the Bonnet method... Choose what you like???

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From: BlueagleCC

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Comparing carpet cleaning in Kitchener

See a comparison of the Natural, fast drying ChemDry carbonated cleaning method used by Kitchener carpet cleaner ChemDry Acclaim to the old fashioned Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) approach.

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From: ChemDryAcclaim

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