Carpet Cleaning Long Island Carpet Cleaning Long Island carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Odor Removal, Stain Removal. carpet Cleaning Long Island

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Cleaning Carpet Stains : Carpet Cleaning: Removing Red Wine

Clean a red wine carpet stain with paper towels. Get more help removing red wine carpet stains with cleaning tips from a vice president of a carpet cleaning company in this free video on housecleaning.

Expert: Lisa Goldsworthy


Bio: Lisa Goldsworthy is vice president of ACE Carpet & Upholstery Care, Americas Cleaning Experts.

Filmmaker: KT! Eaton

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Dog Odor And Canine Urine Stain Removal!

If the dog is not drinking enough water, the urine would become concentrated, and the minerals in urine may crystallize to form hard stone-like deposits. If the dog is diagnosed with a medical condition, drug therapy or even surgery may be recommended so as to treat the underlying medical condition

Additional Info:

pet odor removal, pet odor removal carpet cleaning, dog urine odor removal, pet odor removal service, pet...

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Carpet Cleaning : Red Wine Stain Removal From Carpet

Red wine can make a serious, stubborn stain on your carpet, but these stain removal secrets can help remove or at least reduce the staining. See for yourself this free video on carpet cleaning.

Expert: John Mickel


Bio: John Mickel owns Dynamic Carpet Care in Tampa, Florida.

Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Remove tough stains, fight pet odor or mildew smells, and help your family breathe more easily with the carpet cleaning tips found here....

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Carpet Cleaning : Methods for How to Remove Carpet Stains

Depending on the stain you may have to try one of a few different methods to remove carpet stains. Learn about methods for how to remove carpet stains with help from a home repair specialist in this free video clip.

Expert: Gabriel Peretti

Bio: Gabriel Peretti works for Zerorez Carpet and Living Surfaces Care in Los Angeles, California.

Filmmaker: Rob Hashemi

Series Description: The methods you will use to clean your carpet depend largely on the type of spot or stain you're trying to remove....

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How to tips on removing coffee stains from carpets

Carpet cleaning coffee stains

Coffee stains carpets all the time, but rarely do people know how to correctly clean it from their carpeting or rug. This video will give you tips on how to clean your carpeting from those pesky coffee stains without even calling a professional.

Remove coffee stains from carpet

For more information about cleaning other stains from carpet, rugs, and upholstery see...

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How To Remove Pet Stains From Carpet Home Remedies?

We will base shipping cost on your specific delivery location to keep costs down. Due to varying shipping costs, we do not have a set shipping rate listed on-line. It is common knowledge that the longer stains are allowed to remain on a surface the maximum damage can be suffered by a rug. Worried about that carpet smell? All recommendations here also apply to area rug cleaning. Before you call a professional carpet cleaning service, take a look at some of these expert carpet cleaning and pet...

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professional carpet stains removal

Efficient carpet cleaning service. Horrible stains in front of the lift has been successively removed by Go For Cleaning technician.

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Carpet Cleaning Houston

Carpet cleaning pet stain removal and pet odor removal from carpet. Get your carpet clean. Get pet stains out of carpet. Remove pet odor from carpet. Best carpet cleaning Houston, TX. Pet treatment for carpets in Houston, TX 832-512-5719

We have 3 levels of pet treatment. This is our highest level. We use a special ultra violet light to see the places where there is urine or feces. We treat the areas with special solutions designed to break down and eliminate the waste and pet odor. We also...

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How To Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet

Boise carpet cleaner explains how to remove coffee stains from carpet.

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