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Introductions to Yet Another Cleaner or YAC. YAC PC Cleaner, the Lightest & Fastest Cleaner, is available for free download,This is a PC cleaner for Windows OS. It is the fastest and simplest PC cleaner to keep your PC safe.

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From: jack henry

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How To Make Your Pc-Laptop Clean AND Run Faster Free in 3 Steps

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From: David Shater

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ComboFix and MalwareBytes Clean Your Malware Infected PC - ComboFix and MalwareBytes are both free programs that are in the top of my toolbox for cleaning malware from an infected PC.

If your PC is not acting right or running slow then it could be because of some virus or malware infection.

It won't hurt to run ComboFix and MalwareBytes on an uninfected PC so there is no reason not to clean with these programs as a precaution.

As always, make sure your important data is...

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From: PC Roger

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