Hazardous Household Cleaning Products During Pregnancy - PT. 1

This video lists 8 chemicals in cleaning products that can be dangerous before pregnancy and during pregnancy. Thanks for watching!

Chemicals Mentioned:

1. Aerosol Propellants

2. Alkylphenolic Compounds

3. Ammonia

4. Chlorine Bleach

5. Formaldehyde

6. Perchlorethylene - PERC

7. Petroleum Distillates

8. Phenol

Book "Growing Up Green" Vol. 2 By Deirdre Imus

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Experiment 2 Glassware cleaning and chemical storage

SKL1023 SEM 2 SEM15/16 UPSI

Name a chemical substance and explain the procedure to store the chemical.

Each student need to list only 1 chemical substance and the procedure to store the chemical. Strictly no repetition.

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From: Nurul Aini Bakar

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