Commercial carpet cleaning job in WAY NORTHERN MN

Commercial carpet cleaning job in WAY NORTHERN Minnesota. Tower, MN. Beautifully maintained building that we have the privilege to clean carpets in

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From: Mark Saiger

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Post and Bid on Cleaning Jobs

Find cleaners and building maintenance services, and cleaning contracts. Residential and domestic services, or commercial cleaning and property maintenance jobs can be posted for contractors to place bids. Visit

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From: Edwin Tembo

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Professional Office Cleaning Services in Canton, GA

GA Clean Team, is a professional, commercial and high rise Office cleaning and Maintenance Service Provider. Our highly skilled and experienced team is matchless in terms of high quality of work, excellent customer care and reliability.

We provide expert cleaning services at reasonable pricing. Our commercial cleaning services include scheduled office cleaning, building maintenance, floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, exterior cleaning.

Our mission here at The GA Clean Team is to provide the...

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From: Georgia Clean Team

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Five Star Commercial Window Cleaning - End of Build Cleaning

Here is a little bit of a jumbled up clips of my commercial cleaning.

These two jobs took me in total 8 Days to complete.

Music - MDK

Intro & Outro - MDK

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From: The Window Cleaning Pom

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How Do I Clean Office Buildings? Guide for Commercial Cleaning Stairwells

In this episode of "How Do I Clean" we speak to Commercial Cleaners and to cleaners who want to get into Commercial Cleaning.

One common area that is often overlooked by maintenance engineers is the Stair Well. Cleaning a Stair Well can be a lucrative job for a Cleaner looking for Business.

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From: TurnClean Services

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Laundry Vent Cleaning Commercial Vent

Commercial Vent Cleaning ( ( provides the best dryer and laundry exhaust cleaning services in the industry, managing all jobs from small to large. Dryer vent cleaning should be performed regularly, annually for individual residential usage, and every six months for common shared laundries. We are specialized in dryer exhaust cleaning for:

- Townhouse Complexes

- Condominium Projects

- High-Rise Buildings

- Institutional & Commercial Laundry

It is important to...

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From: Commercial Vent & Grease Trap Cleaning

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Janitorial Cleaning - Quality Office Maintenance

Office cleaning is a service that are required by private firms having their business at office buildings and also by corporations that have offices in large buildings including entire floors. Office cleaning is not limited to just having the office interiors, conference rooms, meeting rooms, reception desk area and the visitors lounge cleaned up.

Office cleaning also entails cleaning up on the exterior area of the office especially the exterior window panes etc. The cleaning job is best done...

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From: Mohit Jain

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Wa.

This is a example of a job that we did on a commercial building. 260 Degrees yields you a deep clean. We only buy the best equipment. Gold seal certified detergents to protect your investment.

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From: Richard Grindland

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professional Floor Care

Commercial Buildings Maintenance Inc of Frederick Maryland

Commercial Buildings Maintenance Inc has been servicing many of the top commercial, professional, and industrial firms in Maryland, the DC metropolitan area, and the North East coast for more than 10 years. These companies trust us to handle their carpet cleaning and facility maintenance. Carpet Cleaning and Floor care is the most frequently outsourced janitor job even among those who perform...

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From: JanitorService

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Blue Bubble Cleaning Charlestown MA

Blue Bubble Cleaning Charlestown MA

house cleaning, clean, cleaning jobs, carpet cleaning, cleaning service, building maintenance,commercial, residential, floor cleaning, janitorial,

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