Green Cleaning Tips - How to Choose Green Cleaning Products - Bellevue WA 98005

Check out this video for some quick advice regarding purchasing truly green cleaning products.

For green carpet cleaning in Bellevue, WA and surrounding areas, call Green Steam Carpet Cleaners at 206-819-2722 or email us at

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Green Cleaning Services Daycare Cleaning Advice Bakersfield CA, Fresno CA

Green Cleaning Services will have a profound impact on the health, wellbeing, and development of the young children in your charge.

Some basic tips are to:

1. Only use solvents approved by the EPA.

2. Use microfiber cloths, brooms, and mops.

3. Use HEPA filtered vacuums and filters.

4. Encourage the regular washing of hands with warm water and gentle soap.

5. Have the carpets cleaned regularly and with modern green cleaning technology.

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PURphora, Organic all natural chemical free carpet cleaning

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House Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips : Green Products for Cleaning

Using green products for house cleaning reduces toxic fumes indoors, does not get rid of the good bacteria in the home and creates a safe environment for children and pets. Clean with green, natural products to keep the house and family safe and healthy with advice from a professional house cleaner in this free video on green cleaning.

Expert: Rachel Yatuzis


Bio: Rachel Yatuzis is a professional house cleaner in Nashville, Tenn., specializing in using everyday...

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How To Clean A Green Swimming Pool - 3 Easy Tips To Clear Up A Green Pool!

How to clean your green swimming pool quickly and easily. Follow these simple steps to make your green swimming pool sparkle again! Green swimming pool maintenance tricks and free advice to help you.

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How To Green Your House : Tips on How to Green Your House

Tips and ideas on ways to green your home, expert advice about shopping organic on a budget and get home cleaning remedies in this free environmental video.

Expert: Laura Klein

Bio: Laura Klein has more than a passion for organic foods she has a passion for saving the planet and has adapted her lifestyle to match.

Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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