Hip Moms Go Green TV - Household Cleaner

Watch as Nickie Knight from Hipmomsgogreen.com shares her favorite organic household cleaner recipe! I focus on organic recipes, organic cleaning solutions and much more.

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From: Nickie Knight

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Hip Moms Go Green TV - Household Cleaner

In this video, Nickie Knight, from Hipmomsgogreen.com gives her favorite recipe for a homemade household cleaner!

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How To Make Your Own Household Cleaner!!

Coach Amber & Coach Carla show us how to make your own household cleaner.

Go Green & steer clear of all of the toxic chemicals in commercial cleaners.


Equal amounts of purified water & distilled white vinegar.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for a fresh scent.

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From: Amber Budahn

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How to Make Your Own Green Household Cleaner

Tired of breathing in potentially harmful chemicals and polluting the environment just to have a clean house? No more! You can have a clean house, a clear conscience and a toxin-free body too.

Bonnie Penner (founder of Organically Clean and xeno-estrogen warrior) shows us her super easy DIY recipe for natural, environmentally-friendly, chemical-free household cleaner. It smells great and gets your counters so spotless you could eat off them. Then again, with all of the money you're saving,...

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From: tuja wellness

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How To Make Non-Toxic Cleaners: Homemade Glass and Surface Cleaner Recipe

More at http://www.vega-licious.com/.

It is important to use clean, safe, green household products to protect your health and environment. In this segment I will tell you how you can easily make your own glass and surface cleaner, that works even on tough stains and stainless steel appliances. Recipe to make glass and surface cleaner is included.

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From: Elena Wilkins (Vegalicious)

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