Precision Pool Cleaner - Green Pool Cleaner - Non-Chemical

Precision Pool Cleaners act as a pool filter aid that can be used with any existing pool no matter what kind of filter it uses. Precision Pool Cleaners can be used to help clean a green or brown pool or run in a clear pool for added filtration. They use no chemicals, simply plug in, and put the sump pump in the pool. The filter can be placed either in the pool on a step or at the outside of the pool on an edge to let the clean water go inside the pool.

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From: Clint Jackson

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UV Pool "Green Pool Clean Up"

This is a green pool clean up in just over 48 hours using a Spectra Light UV sterilizer and NO POOL CHEMICALS! UV sterilizers work by water passing by a lethal dose of UV-C light, destroying the DNA chain of 99.5% of pathogens, viruses, algae, and chloramines. Chloramines are chlorine by-products that produce eye and skin irritations, along with many other health problems. The UV sterilizer must be a very specific model based on gallons per minute so that the unit can achieve a 60,000...

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From: UVPool

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How To Clean a Green Pool

A quick video showing how I handled a big algae bloom. I had just moved to my new house and the pool needed help! About $40 worth of chemicals, 2 1/2 days and 2 hours labor took care of it nicely.

Advice, KEEP UP WITH YOUR SHOCK TREATMENT and you'll never have this issue.

Thx for watching.

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From: ExcelDriveVideo

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