Pressure Washer Products is PROUD to demonstrate the brand new Cat Pump Roof Cleaning Foaming Pressure Washer. The unit was shipped from Cat Pumps and demonstrated April 30, 2010 at 10:00 am. Many Tampa Bay area Roof Cleaners and Presssure Washers were present to provide feedback on the unit. Mike Schramel from Cat Pumps explained the pressure washer foaming system. This foaming unit is currently used in fire suppression. We believe that this foaming unit will allow roof cleaners to spray...

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From: Rex The Pump Guru

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ECO GREEN Roof Clean & Pressure Washing Condo Wash

ECO GREEN is in the process of opening up it's chemical distribution side of the company after many years of research and development. We now have a truly revolutionary building and window wash product that not only kills agae, kills molds, removes dirt and grime. It also cleans windows with no scrubbing! Our wash doesn't kill any of the landscape like sodium hypochlorite does either.

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From: Gary Smith

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