220-240V 2400W 8bar home care steam cleaner

The 2400W 8bar small model steam cleaner is only suggested for home care cleaning purposes, if for professional high efficiency commercial and industrial cleaning, please choose more powerful steam cleaners.

Hengyan also manufacture 220-240V 1ph, 380V 3ph electric and LPG(liquefied petroleum gas) powered powerful 8bar 6KW/12KW steam car washers and 10bar 7.5KW/15KW/30KW/60KW or more powerful industrial steam cleaners.

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Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner For Commercial & Industrial Use

Commercial steam cleaners are high powered and durable. They can get the job done faster and more effectively because of their ability to clean more efficiently. Daimer Industries is the leading provider of industrial and commercial cleaning equipment. Visit daimer.com for more information.

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How to Clean an Engine with a Steam Cleaner

The Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner is the only safe and effective tool to clean engines. Visit http://dupray.com/steam-cleaners/one-steam-cleaner/ to learn more about using the power of steam to degrease and clean a variety of different engines. Operating while under very high heat, friction and with combustible fuel, cleaning engines with chemical products is exceedingly dangerous. Instead, a strong blast of low-moisture superheated steam efficiently loosens caked-on grease, oil, dirt and sludge,...

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The Amazing SC2000 Steam and Vacuum Cleaner

The SC2000 is a powerful 6 bar pressure Dry Steam Cleaner with a high suction vacuum that leaves surfaces clean dry, and with it's 115deg. steam, totally sanitised.

It's ideal for Catering establishments, Care homes, Contract cleaners and anyone who needs quick efficient cleaning.

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Cleaning Engine Bays with Duplex High Pressure Steam Cleaner

Lift the dirt and remove unwanted spills or wax on the exterior coat surface whilst restoring the surface to a brand new look with Duplex high pressure steam industrial cleaner that produces powerful 180 degres Celcius dry steam vapour at up to 8 bar pressure enough to decontaminate bacteria.

For more information on the ideal products for cleaning engine bays, visit www.duplexcleaning.com.au/steam.html. Or alternatively call 1800 622 770 for further information.

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Steam Car Wash (Interior steam cleaning)

Steam car wash. steam cleaning interior of a car. I was using a high pressure steam cleaning unit. This is a very powerful steam cleaner and does a great job on cleaning a car. using steam is also great for killing bacteria.

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Multi-Purpose Pressurized Steam Cleaner

This Environmentally friendly Steam Cleaner is Equipped with a powerful 1050-Watt heating system and offers a chemical-free way to deep clean and Sanitize you whole Home. This Steam Cleaner has the perfect attachments to sanitize every inch of your home and to make it free from Bed Bugs, Lice, Nits, Scabies Mites, Skin Parasites, Pet Mange and Ear Mites. It is also great for Garment Steaming, or for cleaning cars, trucks, motorcycles and Boaats, Cut through any mess using powerful high-pressure...

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Speed Car Wash "Delivering Excellence"

Speed Car Wash is a concept developed by LIV INDIA GROUP to organize the Car Cleaning segment to give the community a new definition of car care and detailing services which are not professionally followed in India. We are aiming to make Mechanized Car Cleaning system as successful as ATMs are for the banks.

Today mechanized car cleaning system is already a $5.97 billion business in US with more than 14,414 Successful Outlets and In India it is just at the threshold of picking up.

Speed Car...

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Vapamore MR-75 Amico Handheld Steam Cleaner Demo

Visit us at http://www.cpooutlets.com/vpmnmr-75/vpmnmr-75,default,pd.html?ref=CPOYoutube to learn more about the MR-75 Amico Steam Cleaner from Vapamore!

In Italian, Amico means "little friend". Now you can take them, and the love of steam, wherever you go with the Vapamore MR-75 AMICO Handheld Steam Cleaner. This clever hand held steam cleaner is designed to move with you as you clean and sanitize your entire home or office using Vapamore's 100% chemical-free cleaning system.


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Steam Cleaners - Steam Cleaner and Vacuums

Steam cleaners that are powerful are proven to kill 100% of all dustmites and denature their allergens. Our range of steam cleaners use steam and suction and are safe, high quality and great for chemical free cleaning and allergen control. Steam cleaners will make light work of household chores. See Allergymatters Steam cleaners highly rated in the BBC Good Homes Magazine .

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