Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners Kill Bed Bugs - Perfect Grout Cleaner

How to kill bed bugs with steam... Grout Cleaning w/ steam machine. http://thegroutcleaningstore.com/machines.htm Dry vapor steam cleaners kill bed bugs dead! The ladybug dry vapor steam cleaners uses TANCS a patented technology to eliminate Dust Mites, Bed Bugs and other harmful bacteria with dry vapor steam found on the many surfaces in your home.

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From: Groutrageous

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How to Clean a Mattress with a Steam Cleaner

This is how to clean a mattress using a Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner. Visit http://dupray.com/steam-cleaners/one-steam-cleaner/ to learn why superheated low-moisture steam is perfect for sanitize mattresses. Remove bed bugs, kill dust mites and simply refresh mattresses and pillows using nothing but natural steam. With hundreds of other steam cleaning applications, the ONE™ steam cleaner is the ultimate household cleaning and disinfection tool.

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From: Dupray

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